Changes to EAP and FSD

Changes to EAP and FSD

There are some questions to be answered for existing owners.
- Will EAP be degraded for people with EAP only?
- How will price changes apply to existing owners? | 28/02/2019

What price change? Seems the same as always?

EAP unlikely to be degraded - consider it a bonus for the slow rollout. Here's the latest from the Model S order page for what FSD includes (not some features are in our existing EAP cars today):

Full Self-Driving Capability

Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.
Coming later this year:

Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
Automatic driving on city streets. | 28/02/2019

... (Note some features...

djjohnny110 | 28/02/2019

we need more clarification. what about the price in our mytesla account? it used to 4k for the upgrade. the site wont allow us to log in, im trying to check if its 7k now after delivery! that means if it is they raised our prices again! existing owners were supposed to only pay 4k. up until they changed to 5k. | 28/02/2019

Now I see the price change and feature change.
EAP (used to be $5,000) - no longer sold
New "AP" for $3,000, includes Autosteer/lane holding (TACC)
New "FSD" for $5,000 (requires AP or $8,000 total). Includes old EAP plus some new FSD features to be added in the future - see above.

Those of us that already have EAP get the EAP features. Unlikely to get traffic lights/stop sign handling, but who knows?

Dramsey | 28/02/2019

Hm. The enhanced Summon, that will let the car "...find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really." is not listed as a feature that's "Coming later". I infer from this that existing EAP owners are getting a rather major OTA upgrade in the near future...

(Does anyone else think it's asking for trouble to re-label what we now call EAP as "Full Self-Driving"...)

EVRider | 01/03/2019

A lot of people have been asking for the ability to buy just TACC without AP for around $2,500. Now you can buy TACC plus Autosteer for $3,000, which is even better in my opinion. I have and use Autopilot all the time on the highway, but I only care about TACC and Autosteer and would have paid less for just those features if that had been an option when I bought my cars.

reed_lewis | 01/03/2019

The other good thing is that it looks like if you bought EAP for $5K, you can upgrade to FSD for just the $3K difference now. It used to cost more to do that. Our two week old Model 3 LR AWD shows just the $3K upgrade to FSD in the account page.

djjohnny110 | 01/03/2019

@reed Please send a link with a pic of the fsd upgrade page cause mine shows 5k still for my 3/17 model s. Electrek needs to reach out to tesla for clarification...

reed_lewis | 01/03/2019

This is on my Model 3. I bought EAP for the 3, but not FSD. I already purchased FSD on my Model S. Perhaps they have not updated the pricing yet for the S, or perhaps if you bought two years ago they still are charging $5K. Who knows!

EVRider | 01/03/2019

@reed: I was able to add FSD to my Model S for $3k after I took delivery in December. The online price was $5k, but I made the case that it should still be offered at the pre-delivery price of $3k if they're going to offer it for $5k after delivery, and they agreed to sell it to me for $3k. It never hurts to ask. :-)

I didn't attempt to add FSD to our Model 3, which has EAP.

carlk | 01/03/2019

I don't think people who have bough EAP or even AP1 that has summon and autopark will see a downgrade. What Tesla is selling now are new options. On the other hand it's hard to say whether it will cost you $3K, $5K or $7K now if you did not purchase the FSD already.

EVRider | 02/03/2019

@carlk: The new pricing has been published. Existing owners can buy FSD for $3,000 (in addition to AP).

Yodrak. | 02/03/2019

"On the other hand it's hard to say whether it will cost you $3K, $5K or $7K now if you did not purchase the FSD already."

It's easy for an owner to see what adding FSD will cost them by going to their account pages on the Tesla web site.

rm760 | 02/03/2019

Just purchased FSD for 3k this morning. Was 5k at the beginning of the week.

EVRider | 02/03/2019

There’s some confusion about the price of FSD for existing owners because Elon tweeted that it would be $2,000. The official word is $3,000:

NRGrin | 02/03/2019

The link provided by EVRider says:

AP: $2,000
FSD: $3,000
Total for both:$5K

But it also says it will be a one click purchase starting next month. Being that the link is dated March 1, I’m guessing they need the month of March to get all this sorted and these corrected pricing models will be on our account page after April 1.

bruno | 02/03/2019

@NGrin so April's fool? :)

NRGrin | 02/03/2019


bruno | 02/03/2019

Not sure how true this is but I called the 1800 to ask regarding the half price for current owners and I was told that it only applies to 2019 models so don't get your hopes up :(

Yodrak. | 02/03/2019

"I called the 1800 to ask ..."

That was your first mistake. Your second mistake was posting what you were told by a single employee who was either misinformed or who misinterpreted what you asked.

bruno | 02/03/2019

@Yodrak, I'm new here and didn't mean to spread lies just thought I would shared what I was told.

Yodrak. | 02/03/2019

I didn't mean to imply that you're spreading lies, but not every Tesla employee know what they're talking about on every subject and what one person thinks they said and another person thinks they heard can be two different things.

Be careful about repeating what you've been told by a single source as if it were gospel.

EVRider | 03/03/2019

Despite the article I referenced earlier, Elon is still tweeting about upgrading to FSD for $2,000, so all bets are off.

EVRider | 03/03/2019

I now see that the blog posting has been updated to mention the $2,000 FSD price for people who already bought EAP, so it’s the real deal.

M3NC | 03/03/2019

I took delivery of LR AWD w/Enhanced auto-pilot one day before the announcement. On Friday, I planned to return it within the three day period but in talking to Tesla support and the local Tesla folks, they promised I would receive the Full Auto-Pilot at no addition cost. Here is my email and Tesla's reponse:

my email:

I am aware that as of today when you order a new Model 3, "Full Self-driving" is offered for $5,000 instead of the "Advanced Autopilot" I purchased for $5,000. Since I literally just purchased, will I be grandfathered into Full Self-Driving? If not, I may seriously consider returning this one.

Tesla Response:
Good morning XXXX,

All customers who have taken delivery of a Model 3 in 2019 will receive a variation of the new autopilot package. Since, you purchased Enhanced Autopilot you will receive the Full Self Driving configuration currently pricing at $5k. Considering your purchase already, it is equivalent to a $3k value. It also means that incoming Full Self-Driving features will be OTA updates for your Tesla!

Tesla has announced that the software will automatically be sent to your car as an update.

I hope this helps!



M3NC | 03/03/2019

Clicked submit too fast! However, none of the official "news" or Tweets match this^. hmmm.

Uncle Paul | 03/03/2019

Will take some time for this to all sort out. With so many cars effected and so many different circumstances it will take a bit for everyone to know for sure just how this will affect their individual car.

Things looking pretty good so far.

johnse | 03/03/2019

I just emailed NAsales@ to find out how to get the $2000 upgrade from EAP->FSD as mentioned in the updated blog post. My account page shows upgrade for $3000. (March 2018 Model X)