Vote on new Supercharger locations

Vote on new Supercharger locations

Know where there's a supercharger need? Or do you have just the location that perfect for a new Supercharger?

Either way, wouldn't it be great if there was a site where you could share those ideas, or vote on other suggestions?
Now there is:

Constructive feedback is always welcome.


P.S. If you're curious, the idea to add this section to the website comes courtesy of Zac & Jessie who explain it best on their channel: (link skips ahead to 49m14s)
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jordanrichard | 02/03/2019

There is already a method to pass along one’s suggestions and that is on Tesla’s website.

Also, you can wish until you are blue in the face that they put a SC in “Anytown, America”, but there is far more involved than just picking a great spot. There has to be available power for a SC, the property owner has to be agreeable to such a SC site and the town also has to be willing to let Tesla put one there.

SCCRENDO | 02/03/2019

The problem with a thread like this is that everyone wants a supercharger down the street from them. It would likely be more constructive for people to contact Tesla with ideas for superchargers that would be of common benefit with more emphasis on long distance travel. Although there are urban areas with many Teslas where owners do not have the option of home charging.

fredsa | 03/03/2019

Honestly, I was worried I'd end up collecting a long list of every unique requests, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far after just a couple of weeks:
- 85 locations requested to date
- 14 votes already for the top requested location

Sorted list here:;sort=popularity