what is recommended? to keep the car connected to the charger while parked in the garage? or wait until battery is depleted? or any other way?

DTsea | 02/03/2019

Plugged in Tesla=Happy Tesla

NRGrin | 02/03/2019

Based on help from the forum I decided to plug mine in every night, even if I only drove 20 or 30 miles that day.

DTsea is exactly right.

NKYTA | 02/03/2019

Asked, answered.

Earl and Nagin ... | 03/03/2019

Just don't charge it to 100% every day. Keep it at 90% or below except right before leaving on trip.

matthewcampbell399 | 03/03/2019

Does anyone know what happened to the Tesla 14-50 Wall Connector? They announced it back in January 2019, but I just went to buy it off the store and the option is gone.