Timing of Full Self Driving Update from 2.0

Timing of Full Self Driving Update from 2.0

I have a 2017 MS with Hardware 2.0. If I pay for the FSD option ($3K,) when would the new computer CPU be updated?

Shock | 03/03/2019

Years from now. They have not completed FSD so they still don't actually know what hardware is required. There is no point in upgrading it on an interim basis, at substantial cost, without knowing if even the next update would be sufficient.

jimglas | 03/03/2019

And there will never be a $35k model 3, right shock?

Mike83 | 03/03/2019

flag the shock anti tesla idiot.

jerrykham | 03/03/2019

The odds that FSD will be approved for general driving of personally owned cars anytime soon are extremely low. First, we will be seeing expansions of fully mapped slow speed corporate owned fleets like the ones that are starting to service huge retirement communities in Florida. These tracks are fully mapped and are like bus routes - they go only on that track and they go at very low speeds. Extrapolating from there to when (if ever) privately owned vehicles will be approved to go almost anywhere using FSD is not really possible. There are too many regulatory hurdles to cross - and as Tesla folks know there is a lot of money on the side of preventing Tesla from getting there first. Examples are how the NHTSA won't accept any vehicle without redundancy in the systems and how others are lobbying to make sure that only LIDAR equipped cars can do FSD. Then what happens with insurance? So many variables.

Its probably a sucker bet to pay for it now as it likely won't be available on our current vehicles - not because Tesla can't finish it or anything. Just because the regulatory environment around it isn't likely to mature enough before it is time to replace them. I also have a Model S from late 2017 with HW 2.5 and my wife has a late 2018 Model 3 LR. Neither of us expects to see FSD for privately owned cars in the normal lifetime of our current vehicles. That doesn't stop us from enjoying the heck out of driving what they offer now though. These cars are already great!

EVRider | 03/03/2019

The OP asked about the timing of the new AP computer. Tesla hasn’t said when they would release it, so no one really knows.

carlk | 03/03/2019

Tesla has already been recruiting hundreds of employees to test the prototype HW3 and new SW. Pete Bannon, its AI chip designer, recently mentioned HW3 will be released later part of the year.

carlk | 03/03/2019

***And there will never be a $35k model 3, right shock?***

Please be kind to the person who's already having a nervous breakdown.

Yodrak. | 03/03/2019

"The odds that FSD will be approved for general driving of personally owned cars anytime soon are extremely low."

I agree, and will add 'if ever' to your "anytime soon" since I take the word "full" literally. Even so, some of the features that Tesla and others include under their definitions of "full self driving" are attractive to me and I'd like to have them when they become available.

carlk | 03/03/2019

Tesla has the advantage of being able to release features by steps. Anyone can decide when it is good enough for him/her to purchase and with the understanding that it will only gets better in the future.