Can the delivery date be chosen far beyond the estimated delivery date after order is placed?

Can the delivery date be chosen far beyond the estimated delivery date after order is placed?

If I place my order with the $2500 down payment can I choose to pick up the car a month beyond the estimated two week delivery? The reason for this question is that I will not be home to pick up the car as I am on a two month business trip but don't want to miss out on the Fed tax credit that ends July 1st. If I wait till I get home to order I fear I will be at the back of the line and the delivery estimate will increase beyond July 1st.

anthony.v3a | 02/03/2019


lilbean | 02/03/2019

It’s anybody's guess. I think they were more flexible with the Model S and X but not with the Model 3 because there are so many orders to fulfill.

dmm1240 | 03/03/2019

Not sure about the 3. I did delay delivery of my MX by a month in 2017 because I was traveling as well.

jimglas | 03/03/2019

I was out of the country when I got the call. My car was given to someone else and I got back in line. Another month.

EVRider | 03/03/2019

If you order about a month before you want to take delivery you should be okay. Given all the price changes you might be better off waiting anyway.

Uncle Paul | 03/03/2019

Tesla has done this for others, but the issue is that they make a best efforts to make your accomodations, but since many variables are outside their (and your) control, you will always be assuming some risk.

Best thing to do is put together your desired configuration and contact Tesla to see what they could arrange.

Things are pretty fluid with them at the moment, so best to check with them directly.

Tesla2018 | 03/03/2019

Are you going to be in the same location for the entire 2 month period? If so, see if Tesla has a delivery center in the area. Just because you live in one area, it doesnt mean you have to take delivery there. Several people from the east coast took delivery in California since that was the first place that started getting them. | 04/03/2019

It Is bad financial advice to pick up a car in California where one has to pay the entire state sales tax and then pay sales tax again when registering the car in the home state. Don't know why anyone would suggest that.