Supercharger status for Wichita Falls, Texas

Supercharger status for Wichita Falls, Texas

Anyone have any idea when this might happen? Really need another supercharger between Childress, TX and Denton, TX.

hammer @OR-US | 03/03/2019

Since nobody has found even a construction permit yet it's a complete unknown.

Captain_Planet | 15/03/2019

I agree we are taking a trip to Vegas, other than a diversion to Ardmore, there is no other option. Tesla...we need this supercharger ASAP

Eyeballmd | 14/04/2019

Travel to Wicita Falls frequently for work from Abilene. Very disappointing to drive a gas vehicle after getting used to the awesome ride in a Tesla. Supercharger there would also open travel to Oklahoma City. I suspect this will be a busy supercharger station...

Ashleymauldin | 17/05/2019

Agreed! Picked up my tesla in Dallas on Wednesday and had to drive it home to Amarillo. We took the detour to Ardmore to be safe and that added a couple of hours to the trip. I don't think we will be taking the tesla on our trips to DFW until this happens. I still am a bit upset they wouldn't deliver my car to me and I had to make that drive immediately after purchasing especially given the lack of charging stations on the route.

gk1602 | 20/05/2019

Supercharger is under construction in Henrietta, Texas just outside of Wichita Falls. Finally!

nwfan | 20/05/2019

Henrietta is approx 20 miles SE of Wichita Falls off US 287. Shows 12 - 250 kW chargers. 1st V3 in TX?

Eyeballmd | 14/06/2019

I guess the Henrietta Supercharger will kill any hope of getting charger in Wichita Falls...

teslu3 | 15/06/2019

Two months ago my wife and I drove from through Denton (SC to 93%) to Childress, 208 miles at a bit over the 75mph speed limit, 18% remaining. No sweat for a TM3 long range Aero RWD. Interesting to see so many wind turbines along 287, some overlooking active pump jacks, plus half a dozen huge blades in transit to new sites.

baileigh89 | 16/06/2019

other than a diversion to Ardmore, there is no other option. Tesla...we need this supercharger ASAP

jimglas | 16/06/2019

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gk1602 | 22/06/2019

Model 3 is 1,000 pounds lighter than Model S so I can see how it can make it from Denton to Childress easily driving at +75 miles per hour it’s more energy efficient because of lighter weight. I will be so glad when Henrietta comes on line.