REDUCE Solar Heat and Radiation With Nano Ceramic Tint

REDUCE Solar Heat and Radiation With Nano Ceramic Tint

A lot of people seem lost when deciding what tint they should be getting for their Tesla to reduce heat and block out as much UV as possible. I too was lost but now i am found.

As a Los Angeles native, we deal with too much sun and heat on most days of the year. I wanted to get tint that would instantly make an impact. Turns out that nano ceramic tint can block more heat and UV rays than any other tint. The lightest shade of nano ceramic tint blocks out more UV and IR rays than traditional dark colored dyed tint.

So that is when I came across a company based out of Los Angeles as well called MotoShield Pro. They have really good nano ceramic tint that makes my Model 3 not only aesthetically pleasing but also tremendously helps in decreasing temperature of the interior and makes my air conditioner much more efficient. The company closely compares their tint with 3M crystalline (over priced) and their film even exceeds 3M's ratings for crystalline across the board.

A 3M crystalline full window tint application can run anywhere from $1500-$2000 in the LA area. I was able to purchase precut tint from MotoShield Pro for $150 plus free expedited shipping. Got 70% for the front window (totally legal in CA) and that blocks 95% of IR Rays (heat) and 99% of UV rays (radiation). Got 25% for the side windows and got 15% for the back window.

I got it installed by Richard Silver's Mobile Tint. You can find any installer in your area for mobile tinting or call ahead to any shop to see if they can install it for you. I was charged $300 for my installation. So in total I spent about $450 for an awesome job. Saved myself over $1500 by not choosing to get it installed by a shop in Van Nuys.

Very satisfied with my tint as it looks great and makes the ambient inside my Model 3 much more comfortable. Highly recommend anybody to check out MotoShield Pro. Here is the link to where i was able to purchase:

Jazer | 04/03/2019

Highly Recommend getting Nano Ceramic Tint