What is HW2

What is HW2

I paid for FSD in July so I guess I will be testing the next roll out. What does HW2 mean. I recently drove from Menlo park to Soledad to pick up a case of excellent Pinoy Noir and had somegood and bad experiences with the navigate by Auto pilot. When it started to rain a message flashed on my dash saying "bad weather, stoping navigation by AP. Then it reverted to ther two blue lines. Later it returned to the one blue line. I thought that was nice. But when I rolled up along side a huge bus towing a trailer and the trailer started bouncing around the car headed to the left lane, but there was a car coming up on me. I grabbed the wheel and took over. I didn't want to end up under the bus.

SpaceGhost | 05/03/2019

HW1 is the original autopilot hardware consisting of radar and a single camera based on the MobileEye product.

HW2 (HardWare2) is the current form of autopilot hardware offered since late 2016 that consists of 1 radar, 8 cameras and 12 sonic sensors. It uses an nVidia GPU for the neural net.

HW2.5 is the slightly modified version that consists of an upgraded processor and more redundant hardware. It came out in late 2017. It also supports the dashcam feature.

Based on when you bought, I suspect you have HW2.5

packpike | 05/03/2019

HW2 is the designation given to signify the new hardware that came when Tesla added 8 cameras to the vehicles. This is when EAP came into existence. I believe that was ~August of 2016. AP1, aka HW1, was the older system. My MX, built at the end of Aug 2017, has HW 2.0. My MS, built in April of 2018, has HW2.5, which has the same external hardware (ie 8 cameras), but had some internal changes (wiring, processor, etc). There is a pending HW3.0 that supposedly any of us that have HW2.0, and above and have paid for FSD, will get as a free upgrade which includes a new processor (to be confirmed, no date announced, etc).

packpike | 05/03/2019

@SpaceGhost - writing at the same time!

SpaceGhost | 05/03/2019

@packpike - I like your answer better. ;-)

trident3 | 05/03/2019

Looking at my build sheet and options decoded, I show on my 2019 S, built 01/2019, the following: AF02, APF1 (Autopilot Firmware 2.0 enhanced excludes APF0, APF2), APH3, APPB (Enhanced Autopilot, then this narrative: Enhanced Autopilot adds new capabilities to the Tesla Autopilot driving experience. The enhancements include going from one to four cameras for greater accuracy, redundancy and to see fast-approaching vehicles in adjacent lanes. In addition, 12 ultrasonic sonar sensors provide 360 degree coverage around your car with almost twice the range and resolution of the Prior version. The slightly increased sensor information is processed by a computer that is over 40 times more powerful than before. Your Tesla will match speed in traffic conditions, keep within a lane, automatically change lanes without requiring driver input, transition from one freeway to another, exit the freeway when your destination is near, self-park when near a parking spot and be summoned to and from your garage. That said, Enhanced Autopilot should still be considered a driver's assistance with the driver responsible for remaining in control of the car at all times. Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot software has begun rolling out and features will continue to be introduced as validation is completed, subject to regulatory approval, requires APH3. I was told by a Tesla Rep. that I could expect a software update within 24-48 hours, but that was Sunday 3/3/2019. I guess wait and see what happens!

frank.sortino | 05/03/2019

Thank you! Very helpful.

wmeott | 06/03/2019

I recently visited the local service center for an alignment and asked about the upcoming FSD upgrade. I have a November 2016 MS and paid for both enhanced autopilot and full self driving capability. I was told that my vehicle was not compatible with the pending new processor upgrade. Can that be correct? | 06/03/2019

@wmeott - That doesn't sound right. You have HW2.0, which is expected to be upgradable to HW3.0 (which is needed for FSD). We'll have to wait and see since HW3 is not out yet. I wouldn't worry about it.

EVRider | 06/03/2019

It's a bit unsettling how people are getting bad information from Tesla in both sales and service. I would expect them to know better. | 06/03/2019

I don't think Tesla communicates any future information to Service/Sales before being made public. Too much potential for leaks, and it can create all sorts of problems as public company. I find more accurate information in these forums from owners!

EVRider | 06/03/2019

@TeslaTap: I know Tesla doesn’t give sales and service much advance notice of public announcements, but that doesn’t explain why service would tell @wmeott their car was incompatible with HW3.

trident3 | 06/03/2019

Reference my previous post and my build sheet, but it shows that my car has APH3, which is HW3? Can someone explain or verify?

EVRider | 07/03/2019

@trident3: I don’t know what APH3 means, but it’s not HW3. My 2018 Model S has the same build option, and it certainly doesn’t have HW3. Tesla hasn’t started producing cars with HW3 yet.

garyjtate | 08/03/2019

Where can I get this translated? My Tesla’s build options.....


GHammer | 08/03/2019
Czeal001 | 27/01/2020

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