Who is leading Tesla’s marketing department?

Who is leading Tesla’s marketing department?

There’s of course nothing wrong with price changes once you have bought.

But a customer in Europe like me has ordered 3 years ago. My friend who ordered the same configuration 2 months ago got an earlier delivery (very frustrating.....) And because I already ordered the autopilot I am paying more than he does. Who on earth is leading their marketing department and feels that he should not reward the best customers but punish them ?

So what to do ? I will probably return the car as I am allowed to because I have not been able to test it. But is that what Tesla’s marketing department wants ? They got a 2nd hand car back and thus will loose more money.....

Magic 8 Ball | 06/03/2019

So probably not a sincere question but more of whine. Europeans cry too, who knew?

Do what you are going to. FYI:

stevehendler | 06/03/2019

Probably that jackass from Amazon. They do a good job with the bait and switch too.

lordcn1 | 06/03/2019

I have to agree with Zach and Jessie on YouTube's "Now You Know". Tesla needs a marketing lead. Elon is my hero but a savvy marketing CMO will help out with the message. Now is the time!

slingshot18 | 06/03/2019

You didn't "order" 3 years. You bought a reservation that allowed you to order at a later date. Not the same thing.

weluvm3 | 06/03/2019

If you return the car will Tesla let you re-order the same configuration, or will they now refuse to do business with you?

lordmiller | 06/03/2019

Best customers? Corne.mulders you dummy. You didn't order 3 years ago. What the hell is wrong with these people. If you want an M3 go to the site and buy it. Why did you wait 3 years? If you can only afford a 35k model you probably should be looking at a Camry. Go away!!

coleAK | 06/03/2019

To answer who is running marketing at Tesla? Probably No one?

EVolution | 06/03/2019

No one

that’s why you can order a 35k car RIGHT F$(@« )$ NOW!!!!!

isn’t it terrific?

To live in a world dominated by big oil lobbies that you now have this choice for a ridiculous meager thirty five thousand pogos

Shock | 06/03/2019

" If you can only afford a 35k model you probably should be looking at a Camry. Go away!!"

Who needs a marketing department with guys like this around.

rkalbiarEV | 07/03/2019

More low class / high class mumbo jumbo.

Corne.mulders | 08/03/2019

You Guys apparently don"t understand our Europeaan situation. I have subscribed for a model 3 in 2016 (yes 3 years ago). Delivery has just started here in March 2019. Cheapest model is 59k eur (approx 65k $). With autopilot and other 66k eur.....

So no, I cpuld not just order a 35k $ version.....

M3BlueGeorgia | 08/03/2019

@Corne.mulders Correct, in that Tesla are currently only allowing orders for AWD variants in Europe.

It is not at all clear from your post if you've now placed an order, or are just still sitting on a reservation, or if you have received a car. Also we can't tell which Model 3 variant you want. Please clarify.

At some point Tesla will open ordering of RWD variants to Europeans, and that will include the SR and SR+ variants.

Magic 8 Ball | 08/03/2019

@Corne It was the same way here in the US. You only put down a deposit for purchase when you "subscribed". The more expensive models were available before the cheaper models. Quit crying you are giving your fellow countrymen a bad name and it is embarrassing.

cbmilehigh | 08/03/2019

Musk is leading the marketing department

ODWms | 19/05/2019


lunde | 19/05/2019

What? Musk is doing a pretty good job after he stole the keys to Tesla's Twitter account a couple of weeks ago.

Magic 8 Ball | 19/05/2019

Things got out of context. The post that was flagged did get flagged away, appropriately. In the future just flag, no need to announce.

lunde | 19/05/2019


Atoms | 20/05/2019

Don’t complain to us. Discuss this with Tesla and do what is right for you. This happens with all companies. Prices change. Options change. People complain. BTW there is no marketing department. If there was, they would be laid off by now. Configurations and pricing are likely managed by the CFO, CEO, and maybe one person working part time. The configurations are kept simple so this is easily managed. Considerations depend upon production bottlenecks and how given these, margins can be maximized. Tesla has learned fast swings cause outcry from every direction so expect slower shifts going forwards.