Tesla Supercharge station

Tesla Supercharge station

I have a 5 month old mXd100 and have driven from VA to West Palm Beach FL with no problems charging. However at the WaWa Tesla Supercharge station in WPB I can only charge at about 60 kw to start with, then it quickly drops to 40kw or less withno cars on either side when i’m at 40% capacity. I tried several other chargers and the same station. This is a new Tesla Supercharge station. I finally moved to their service center only a few miles away and quickly got my 90% change with 110kw. I thought that the new ones were supposed to be faster. Can anyone explain this ? They couldn’t at the service center. | 17/03/2019

If you're talking about the new V3 Superchargers - they don't exist yet. They are expected to start installing them in new locations or expanding existing locations shortly. It will take many years for it to build out.

It sounds like the Supercharger has some technical issue. There is an 800 number on the pedestals to alert Tesla to the issue. I've found them to be very responsive to fixing SC issues, but it only works if someone let's them know about an issue. I think the new V3 has better automatic reporting back to Tesla, which will be a welcome feature.

david | 17/03/2019

A couple of months ago I went to the same supercharger and had similar issues. So I moved on also the Savannah Georgia airport is slow as well.