Windshield Issues - M3

Windshield Issues - M3

Have any of you been experiencing A LOT of debris hitting (and sometimes damaging/cracking) your windshield? I'm trying to figure out which of the following is the cause of this:

1) The M3 windshield is so large that it's more susceptible to getting hit by debris?
2) The weather in Southern California in recent months (Currently mid-March 2019) has caused there to be more debris on the roads than usual?
3) My fiancé's suggestion, the windshield is just poor quality?

For context, I have had the car for 5 months and have already put 10k miles on it, but I had to completely replace the windshield once already ($950), and then my new windshield got a bad chip in it that had to be fixed by Safelite ($115). And now I have two more minor chips that MIGHT need to get fixed! It's literally killing my soul.

donharvey2323 | 15/03/2019

Don't follow other vehicles so close.

afrandx | 15/03/2019

I've had the exact same thing. I had my windshield replaced twice already..bought the car in July. I was trying to figure out what it is too, my theory was that the car is so aerodynamic it pulls debris in???

I literally am terrified of anything hitting my car now on the roads and flinch when anything comes close to my window. To DonHarvey's point, both times I got hit with a pebble there were zero cars in front of me. You would think this day and age there would be a screen protector like we have for phone's

mikes | 15/03/2019

Driving on Montana roads where they still use sand/gravel in winter. Got many rocks on the windshield, have very minor chips, no more than any other car I ever had! Follow donharvey2323's advise!

charles.a.braun | 15/03/2019

I think Tesla just uses cheap glass. This is a pic of our Model S windshield that I just took. All the specs that you see are chips and it looks like the windshield was hit with a sandblasted. Thing is, the paint is fine so whatever sand or rock event we drove through only destroyed the windshield.

billtphotoman | 15/03/2019

I think the aerodynamic flow directs debris over the hood and right into the lower part of the windshield. So far my windshield is still original but has taken more rock hits in 6,300 miles than my Camry took in 135,000 miles and my Volt took in 45,000 miles.

lilbean | 15/03/2019

Don't drive on the 5.

aperfectecho | 15/03/2019

Don't follow so close.....stupid advice

I agree-quality is just not there. I have 2 repaired chips in 6k miles so far, and a repaired crack on the glass roof. Nothing like this on our 4.5 yr old Model S

mikes | 19/03/2019

Not sure how to take this!? One says model S bad the other says Model S good windshield. :)

Halbach | 19/03/2019

One more point to add:

4) Height of windshield off the ground and shape of front end/grille. Very low, similar to a sports car.

And yes windshield is about 25% taller than comparable sedans and almost any vehicle on the road.

stevehendler | 20/03/2019

I don't think the windshield is much larger than say a Honda or Acura for example. I think it's actually smaller than a Civic windshield. My Tesla windshield looks like it has 75k miles of highway driving on it and I'm not even at 10k yet. I don't follow closely and a lot of my commute is country roads with no one in front of me. Seems to be low quality glass...

I saw a youtube video and apparently there is a port in the front fender that routes high pressure air from the wheel well up to the cowl which is a lower pressure area to improve aerodynamics. I thought this could be related but if water isn't getting through, I can't imagine a rock either.

Most of my chips are tiny speckles, and not from any notable impacts to the glass.

bcflick | 20/03/2019

Same. The "sandblast" effect happens to all my cars, but much faster on my Model 3. But it is what it is. The alternative is to leave it in the garage, which seems like a poor solution.

gballant4570 | 20/03/2019

My windshield after 5+ months and ~8000 miles is fine. I've taken a few more hits on it than might be considered usual, but I am thinking the glass is quite strong - there has not been a mark put on it. There are standard specs in force for auto glass - there isn't going to be an appreciable difference between two spec compliant windshields regardless of the make of the car.

geedub1023 | 21/03/2019

I just got a chip in the windshield going 40mph today. There weren't any big trucks, rock haulers, cement trucks in front of me...just two cars on a 45 mph street. I heard the small rock ding the windshield but couldn't see any damage. Later, while drying the windshield after washing it, my shammy snagged something and there it was...a very small chip in the windshield. Didn't cost me anything to get it fixed/filled with resin at Safelife Autoglass (my insurance covered it) but it was frustrating and time consuming to get it fixed. Maybe the windshield is weaker/thinner?

Halbach | 21/03/2019

@stevehendler...just bought a windshield sunshade for the 3, it is size XXL. Honda and Acura models are either L or XL depending. The 3 is definitely taller than most any car, that's why we get such great forward visibility as well as awesome headroom.

stevehendler | 22/03/2019


The Civic I had was a 2007 which had a very "tall" windshield. The Acura TL I had was a 2012 and it also had a tall windshield although maybe a bit shorter than the Civic. Regardless the windshield chips very easily.

Which brand did you get? I usually just buy from Walmart for 3-8 bucks.

howard | 22/03/2019

We have a lot of sand/gravel here in the winter. Been in a few unavoidable highway stretches just after a winter storm with lots of sand and gravel being kicked up. I think the windshield pitting is about normal. Would not consider it to be poor quality. Perhaps just bad luck.

johnw | 22/03/2019

Same. I've had two chips in a few months. My previous car (infiniti G35x) went 10 years with no issues. Also have a big crack in my rear window that I hope to get fixed Monday.