Mid-range is no longer available

Mid-range is no longer available

Looks like the mid-range model just being taken down from the website

Dravize | 16/03/2019

You’re right, I am not seeing it either....hmmmmm

rv2019 | 16/03/2019

No one ordering an MR now is taking a 2018 from inventory. I guess now they will say, if you want an MR, you have to take what we have in inventory. Wonder if they will bring it back later once they sell everything they have,

kenduong03 | 16/03/2019

dang right on point to Elon Musk's twiit's from long time ago saying mid range is just a temporary thing.

t_bui | 16/03/2019

Maybe it’s an effort to make mid-range owners feel less bad. Between the MR and SR+, the SR+ is much better value. Now MR owners will feel special.

EAPme | 17/03/2019

Who's next?

tesla88919 | 17/03/2019

I ordered mid range on Friday, got a 2018 VIN Friday. I called and said I wanted 2019 VIN. They said fine, just didn’t know timeline. It’s strange no mid range is available now considering it was less then two weeks yesterday.

shank15217 | 17/03/2019

@tesla88919 I heard the 2019 VIN can fly

kevin_rf | 17/03/2019

If that's the case, all the Performance owners will feel cheated. Performance is the only car that should fly ;-)

Moon Buggy | 17/03/2019

Ordered one Saturday night. Quite possibly the last mid range ever ordered.

WantMY | 17/03/2019

Hm, Tesla is sitting on a bunch of cars made in 2018? Bad, bad, bad.

mjcarley | 17/03/2019

Ordered mine on Tuesday night, got a 2019 VIN and a March 29th delivery date at this point. Asked about moving it up and it depends on if it gets to Cleveland from Cinci early I guess.

k2012 | 17/03/2019

mjcarley what configuration did you order?

fanjerry | 17/03/2019

Ordered a Mid range inventory today but it is brand new. Saved $3900. Was actually there to buy LR. But the deal is too good to resist. Instantly saved $10000 CAD after tax.

82bert | 17/03/2019

Makes sense.

tesla88919 | 17/03/2019

What do you mean you saved $3900?

mrburke | 17/03/2019

@WantMY - I am sure most car dealer are sitting on bunch of cars made in 2018 that they are calling 2019 models.

But back to the subject, I bet if you call there would be some MR in inventory that could be purchased. They would have been made ~ 3 months ago or so, but still likely newer than the Toyota Prius you mind find on the average dealer lot.