Tesla Mid Range Option

Tesla Mid Range Option

I just ordered a mid range yesterday. I have received my order number. But today they have removed mid range from their list of M3 line up. I'm curious if my order will be affected in any way?

RES IPSA | 17/03/2019

You should be fine. You will get what you ordered.

Interesting though... I guess the mid range is now gone

Bated Breath | 17/03/2019

If Tesla is unable to fill your order, maybe you'll receive a free upgrade to the Long Range. Fingers crossed!

tesla88919 | 17/03/2019

I ordered on Friday a midrange, they sent me 2018 VIN. Unless their is discount, i don’t want 2018 for residual value and replacement cost for insurance.

Let us know how you make out!

hector | 17/03/2019

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schalla | 17/03/2019

I wanted to order the midrange model before prices increased on 18th. I was forced to order the long range model a few minutes ago as the midrange is no longer shown as an option.

What are my chances of getting the midrange model with today's price if I call them first thing on Monday and make a request?

82bert | 17/03/2019

Just ordered our 2nd Model 3. Another LR AWD, but pearl white with black int this time. AP and FSD of course. Can’t wait to go 100% EV.

Tropopause | 17/03/2019

RIP 3MR. I now have an obsolete Model 3.

stephenfootball | 17/03/2019


eliteflyer | 18/03/2019

Is it possible that the Mid Range was always the same underlying car as either the SR+ or LR RWD?

stowejustinm | 18/03/2019

I just ordered this car on 3/16 also. Any delivery date for you yet? I am not a fan of how random this feels in terms of when delivery will be determined and ultimately completed.

MillennialVet | 19/03/2019

wow they removed the midrange recently. and prices was chaged today. saw thos video posting link i hope they bring midrange back again

tomasrey88 | 19/03/2019

sorry for posting here, but how come i cannot post new topics anymore? I can only reply to topics. is it just me or is this a system wide issue they are working to fix? thanks.

trulydiana | 19/03/2019

I ordered the midrange on 3/16/19, DS emailed today and I called her to get information about the car since delivery date shows 3/20. Then she told me the car is “in transit” so it would take much longer from the initial delivery date. When I asked her about the mileage, it has 50 miles. She then offered to match another car for me but has a transportation fee, I declined. So, I reverted to the first offer, she told me there was no car under my account but I verified again because I took a screen snapshot with VIN. It turns out, she never made a “re-match” when she offered me.

I’ll probably wait for another day or two before I call the DS again. I just know, there’s something about her today that’s why she couldn’t focused very well with her job.

k2012 | 19/03/2019

I just got a call from Tesla and they stated that they are no longer producing any MR M3s even though i ordered mine on 3/7. They asked if i would like to switch to the SR+ or LR i of course chose the long range because i wanted to keep my premium interior. So unless you take an already built MR M3 you will not get a MR

rqueue | 19/03/2019

@k2012 that's strange, I ordered my MR M3 on 3/4 and am still waiting for it. They called me on 3/9 to ask if I'd like to change my configuration and did not mention they wouldn't be producing any more MR M3s. I told them I wanted to keep the MR config and they said ok. I finally got a hold of Tesla today on the phone and they believe the car is being produced right now. I guess I'll have to wait and see. I much prefer the MR > the SR+ because of the premium interior. May I ask what state you're located in and the configuration you ordered? I am in CA and ordered white with white interior. Not sure if that affects anything

ccash | 19/03/2019

trulydiana - they all say 50 miles. Mine said 50 in the paperwork too and it really had 12.

k2012 | 20/03/2019


I originally ordered on 3/7 the
White exterior and white interior
aero wheels

They discontinued the MR on the 17th and i got a call on the 19th with tesla saying that they are no longer producing anymore MRs. I live in Austin Tx. I changed it last night 3/19 at 8:45 pm to the LR because i didn't want to get rid of the White on White Configuration.

rimkevml | 20/03/2019


Did you have to pay more for the upgrade? I also ordered a MR on 3/4 and still do not have a VIN number.

mavraamides | 20/03/2019

I was holding out hope for a MR AWD. Guess that's never going to happen now. Oh, well, LR AWD it is! Somehow, I'll have to learn to live with a 4.5 sec 0-60 time. Oh the sacrifices we make!

k2012 | 20/03/2019


They compensated me for my paint job since the white was $2k so really I paid $1,000 more for the configuration I want but in a long range. Not a bad deal at all. Would have been nice if they comped the whole $3k but I’ll take a $2k comp

rimkevml | 20/03/2019

That’s really good! Hope they can do the same for mine.

Tesla-Sekar | 20/03/2019

@k2012 am glad you saved $2K on the upgrade. It is doubly good since the bigger battery pack gives you more workable range, and supposedly has a longer life!

stodio | 20/03/2019

Ordered Black mid range w/ 19' wheels on March 9. Got a call today March 20 (why did they call me saying this 3 days prior to the 2nd week period of my anticipated delivery date!!!?) saying they discontinued production for the mid rage, so he offered to comp the $1500 for the 19 in wheels since I wanted the Long Range. Essentially, I just added an extra $1500 for the Long Range. I dont understand why they gave people the option to purchase the mid range the entire 2 weeks they decreased their prices.

Now, the prices are going back up?! I also just got an email about my configuration update, and my original loan, somehow adjusted itself and increased my down payment by roughly $3000??? What the hell! I have to wait an additional 2 weeks from today, now totaling basically a month. Also, i dont see the $1500 deduction in the new configuration document.. I want to love Tesla, but right now im pissed..

vinviavu | 20/03/2019

I need help !!!! I have been giving a run around on my Tesla for 2 weeks now. Roberto at the fashion Island sale center told me I would get my Tesla model 3 in 2 days if I buy a 2018 midrange with the white color Comp. I agreed to the upsale. Three days later I was told that the car was still at Fremont and it would be here on tues 3/12/18. Ofcourse, it got delayed again for a total of 4 times. And today I got a call from Fremont telling me my car was crashed and that they have no car for me. I tried calling Sale manager multiple times but no response. I don’t understand why it took 2 weeks to tell me the car was crashed. I need a manager to call/email me back with resolution.