Cabin Overheat protection

Cabin Overheat protection

Is this feature working for you?

I have it setup to Fan Only. The release notes says that when interior reaches 105F the fan will turn on (don't remember exactly the wording). Both cars interiors get to 115F while sitting in the sun. One is on 2019.5.4, the other on 2019.5.15.

Keep Climate ON is OFF, as I don't want to maintain 69F.

I am expecting if fan turns on then interior temp to fluctuate between high 80s (or whatever threshold turns it off) to 105ish.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

jimglas | 16/07/2019

check temp on App?

neylus | 16/07/2019

@EVRider - I cannot believe I used the word never there. What I should have said is when I turn on my A/C before heading to the gym at noon everyday it is generally right around 105F. Likewise, upon leaving the gym to head back to the office, it is generally around 105F.

rdh37 | 16/07/2019

Overheat appears to work. I have it set to use the A/C. As far as I know, when the car is in direct sun and I check the app, it is consistently at 100 degrees. So, I am assuming that is the overheat protection.

Note to OP, using overheat protection with A/C is NOT designed to drop the temp down to your regular cabin temp, i.e. 69 degrees. It is designed, per the manual, to keep the cabin temp under 105 degrees.

My car, LR AWD 2/19 build.

jamespompi | 16/07/2019

I hear my fan come on well under 100 degrees, I wish the COP was adjustable though, at 105 degrees the AC is on constantly here in FL, but if I set if to fan only it gets up to 140+

neylus | 16/07/2019

What confuses me a bit, is COP uses the A/C to cool the cabin. Yet, if I forget to start the A/C before heading out, I still get that initial moldy A/C blast when I get in the car (very hot/humid here). Maybe COP uses fresh air only?

hokiegir1 | 16/07/2019

For the last couple days, I've been seeing 135-140 when I've gone to turn the A/C on. On a whim, I checked the settings, and apparently when we installed 2019.20.4.4, our cabin overheat got reset to "off." It's now back on, but if you've been seeing higher than expected temps and just did an update, you may want to double check.

evolvercat | 28/07/2019

I turned the A/C to "auto" just now & it's all better. 2019 Model S Raven. Fixed!

lilbean | 28/07/2019

Mine doesn’t get hotter than 105 either.

neil | 26/08/2019

This confused me as well but I can confirm that if you do the following (as mentioned by Hugues1965), it does work:

Controls > Safety & Security
1. Switch off Sentry Mode
2. Switch off Tilt/Intrusion detection
3. The Cabin Overheat Protection options are then enabled, so you can select "No A/C" or whatever.

You have to do this every time after you enable Sentry Mode, as this automatically enables the Tilt/Intrusion option.
So basically you have to choose if security or temperature is more important... you cannot have both.

I have a windscreen sunshade and even with that I see 63ºC on the app on a hot day - I think it is accurate as the (black) seats are so hot you can't keep your hand on them! But then my old ICE car was the same, so I just hope the material can handle it and at least it keeps the screen out of direct sun.

Otherwise i just set the A/C on before I head to the car - 5 mins is enough to make it perfectly comfortable.

EVRider | 26/08/2019

@neil: Isn’t Tilt/Intrusion Detection only applicable if you buy the Tesla Enhanced Anti-Theft system? I don’t think that’s available for Model 3 yet. The standard alarm system is listed as Security Alarm in the settings.

neil | 27/08/2019

Ah, this may be because I'm in the EU and apparently they are required to include Intrusion detection by law - I didn't pay extra :-)