Ross1’s (and others who cannot start a thread) thread

Ross1’s (and others who cannot start a thread) thread

It’s all yours, buddy.

Ross1 | 20/03/2019

Thanks dj

This is the thread for people who cant start a new thread.
Now @dj could you retitle it please?
Liked your sense of humour.. (SOH)

djharrington | 20/03/2019

Changed. I couldn’t resist the typo ;-)

Now, what are you going to talk about?

gballant4570 | 20/03/2019

I sent a request for help via the "request for help" button in my account pages. I've never had ownership privileges, despite having taken delivery over five months ago. And now, like others, I can only respond to the threads of others. We will see how effective that is....

AWDTesla | 20/03/2019

Same here, cannot start a new thread. I'm entitled to a refund.

Ross1 | 20/03/2019

Talk about?
Whatever you like.
Umm , talking about what you like, has anyone ever analysed that?

Perpetual motion.
Poor service.
Tesla is the worst.
Tesla is the best
Everyone on here is an idiot.
My summon runs into things.
There are no spare parts available.
My car took 6 months to repair.
Can you get a 4 x 8 sheet of ply in a MY?
Will the MY go faster into the wind, or whatever it was.
Win a hat.
I cannot start a new thread.

What are your favorite subjects and most often posted and duplicated?

rimkevml | 20/03/2019

I ordered a MR M3 on 3/4. Haven’t gotton a VIN. Since Tesla said they discounted the MR M3 what do you think, will I still revive a MR? My estimated delivery date is 3/29

jamilworm | 20/03/2019

In case anyone missed it, there is a message now that says to email to verify your account to be able to post threads. Even though it says it's for owners they might grant it to polite non-owners.

AMDPower | 20/03/2019

Yes! Just sent it to that email and got a response within 10 minutes! I'm finally official!

gballant4570 | 20/03/2019

Looks like its fixed......

jjgunn | 20/03/2019

I think this might cure the SPAM

Ross1 | 21/03/2019

"Thank you for your email regarding the Tesla Forums. We are reviewing your request and will follow up in 3 business days. For more time sensitive issues please contact Tesla customer service."

HighlandPony | 21/03/2019

Just checking to see if my account is verified. Inquired about it quite a while ago but didn’t hear back. Glad to see the verification is enforced now. This should really help cut down on the incessant FUD.

lunde | 21/03/2019

It seems that a bunch of owners were verified. There is now a static message at the top of the forum about this. Before sending an email, try logging out, then log back in. Upon doing so, I now have owner status, and can post new topics.

Ross1 | 21/03/2019

Bump for page to be visible

Ross1 | 23/03/2019

I am not going to keep bumping this myself, so if you need it please do it yourself.

Ross1 | 24/03/2019


hcdavis3 | 24/03/2019

If the policy reduces the spam I’m all for it. There were a few days when the site was unusable because of all the spam.