Are 2016 models obsolete to all the latest updates?

Are 2016 models obsolete to all the latest updates?

I own Dec 2016 X 90D.
Am I obsolete to the sentry mode, pet/dog mode, cam recordings mode?

If the new autopilot T4 chip(when available) retrofits to my 90D will I be able to use the above modes along with the FSD.

@Tesla or any in the forum has any thoughts.

lilbean | 20/03/2019

Yes, it is obsolete like mine. The hardware isn’t there for the newer features.

jordanrichard | 20/03/2019

Pet/Dog mode doesn’t require any special hardware like cameras. It is just a modification to leaving the the climate control on when leaving the car. Whatever updates your car is eligible for, you will get, when you get it.

EVRider | 21/03/2019

A Dec 2016 model has HW2 so you can still get FSD and the HW3 upgrade when it becomes available. Your current hardware doesn’t support the dashcam or Sentry Mode, but I think you can get most of the other new features. I don’t think anyone here knows for sure if the HW3 upgrade will give you dashcam capabilities. | 21/03/2019

I can confirm Dog Mode is available on HW2 (Dec-2016) with the 2019.8.1 update or later. Option is only visible when in park, and you tap the fan icon to get all the climate controls.

Purchasing the HW3 update (FSD) is hopefully going to provide Sentry and Dash Cam features to HW2 cars, but I've not seen any official statement from Tesla yet.