Model S only for big boys now! - No More 75D - Ludicrous $20K Now

Model S only for big boys now! - No More 75D - Ludicrous $20K Now

Apparently Tesla wants to differentiate the Model S pricing from the Model 3 performance. As of today's pricing change, no more S75D (short range) is offered. Long range only with a $1,500 price hike.
$20,000 (from $15,000 yesterday) for Ludicrous mode on the Performance.

Based on how many 75's I see for sale on the used car market, sure seems like they were a popular version. Pretty surprised to see Tesla boot many people that might have stretched their finances to get an S out of the market for one.

Tropopause | 21/03/2019

75D been gone for awhile now. They now dropped the standard range Model S which was a software limited 100D.

MillennialVet | 21/03/2019

Standard Range was available until today. Anyone could order the Standard Range for 79k up until today. this video compared the priced changes of all models. youtube video link

reed_lewis | 21/03/2019

Yup. Model S now comes in three 'flavors' 330 miles of range with 0-60 of 4.1 sec, 315 miles of range with 0-60 of 3 sec (performance) for $14k more, and 315 miles of range with 0-60 of 2.4s (Ludicrous mode) for $20K more than the performance mode.

So the prices are:
$85k, $99K, $119k

Yup, they have gone up....

reed_lewis | 21/03/2019

And the 3 is for the low end market. Since they now have a $36k (with fees) Model 3, there is no need to have a cheaper Model S.

dionisio944 | 21/03/2019

So did I read this correctly? I took delivery of my 2019 build S75D on January 30, is it upgradable to a 100 Battery pack?

Mathew98 | 21/03/2019


EVRider | 21/03/2019

@dionisio944: The S75D was discontinued at the end of last year, so if your car is badged as a 75, are you sure it’s a 2019 model?

2015P90DI | 21/03/2019

@evrider, S75D was discontinued YESTERDAY, not last year. The Model X 75D was discontinued last year. I have a screen shot of the order screen from yesterday that the Model S75D was available for purchase. Only the X was discontinued a while back.

And @dionisio944, no, your car is not software restricted to 75 kWh. Whoever stated that it could upgraded to a 100 battery is incorrect.

2015P90DI | 21/03/2019

I'm guessing that Tesla will probably accept "off menu" orders for a 75D for a short time. Typically their process after discontinuing features, paint colors, etc. So if anyone still wants an S75D, I'd call Tesla to find out. Possible you could still get one for a short time.

Uncle Paul | 21/03/2019

They may also have some 75s in stock for quick delivery.

CygnusX-1 | 21/03/2019

It is good to know that Model S Performance (non-Ludicrous mode) did not change in price. That is my back-up option. But I do find it funny because I'm looking at private sales of S' also and one person raised the price of their car by $5000 today. I don't think the price of used vehicles works that way, haha.

2015P90DI | 22/03/2019

@cygnuxX-1, yes, many private sellers of Tesla are still in denial over the drop. See many Tesla's on the market for prices higher than what you can now get a new one for.

Also, As far as I could tell, I think the 100D and P100D pricing went up $1,500 for both. Ludicrous mode was bumped up $5,000 more to $20,000.

For me, as soon as Tesla, at least updates the operating system in the S to be at least equivalent with a Model 3, I'll be back in another S. Just couldn't bring myself to buy a 5th Model S that is so very close to the first Model S. Yes, quality has improved over the years with some tech updates and of course, AP, then AP2, but for the most part, when you get into a 2012 Model S and a 2019 Model S, it still feels like the same car. Plus, the interface is much more user friendly with quicker response times in the 3 than the S. I pray that they don't take away the center cluster in the revised Model S. Don't mind if they make it smaller and better integrated. The thing I miss most from the S after having now driving the 3 for a few months, is the Nav instructions on the screen and having the blind spot display in the middle, rather that to the right. When trying to check over your left shoulder, it's a long haul to get your eyes back to the center of the car in the Model 3 to see that information.

SO | 22/03/2019

@CygnusX-1 - “But I do find it funny because I'm looking at private sales of S' also and one person raised the price of their car by $5000 today. I don't think the price of used vehicles works that way, haha.”

They don’t have to convince everyone that their car is worth more now. They only need to convince one person.

Darthamerica | 22/03/2019

Hopefully Tesla adds a HUD... That would be the logical way to remove or augment the instrument cluster in a performance vehicle IMO. | 22/03/2019

@2015P90DI - It seems you might not be aware that the Model S/X with MCU2 (March 2018 and later) has the same OS and processor as the Model 3. Tesla switched from an Nvidia CPU to an Intel CPU, and it is considerably faster CPU.

The number of hardware changes from 2012 to 2019 is huge: I went from an 2013 to a 2016 (actualy 4 years apart) because of all the changes and improvements. Now the 2012/2013 are still great cars, and I can see waiting until a total new "S" is made, but that could be a while. Seems Tesla has a lot on it's plate with the Y, Semi, Truck and roadster 2020. | 22/03/2019

@2015P90DI - On the 75D, it was discontinued 2 months ago (January 14) in the USA. Are you in another country? Maybe it was made available longer elsewhere?

Tesla did introduce a "Standard Range" Model S, now discontinued. It appears it was either a P90D (same range) or a software limited S100D (it was not entirely clear).