Tesla MS tires

Tesla MS tires

What's the best tires for the model S?

reed_lewis | 21/03/2019

I have the Michelin Primacy MXM4. Those seem to work well for me. My car came with the Goodyear tires but they did not last as long as I wanted.

But any good high end tire will be good for the Tesla. You probably will not notice too much difference.

adamslighting | 21/03/2019

Thank you Reed

MJP.75D | 21/03/2019

@adam — if your looking for a single solution (all season) tire I don’t have much real-world intel for you. If, however, you’re in a climate where a different summer/winter setup is desirable, well that’s another story: the best, by a wide margin IMO, winter tire is by Nokian (Hakkapeliitta R2 (now R3)) — fantastic, grippy, quiet, low-rolling-resistance winter rubber with better than average tread life. For summer, I’m a big fan of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s — also sticky in all the good ways but eco-friendly as well. Both are quieter than many/most of their peers. Neither are the cheapest option around but on a car with the performance and weight characteristics that are intrinsic to the Model S, they are both absolutely worth the price of admission. Good luck.

adamslighting | 21/03/2019

Thank you MJP.

RandallKeith | 21/03/2019

Best single solution I have found is Continental DWS 06.

adamslighting | 21/03/2019

How many miles have driven on your Continentals?

RandallKeith | 21/03/2019

20,000 and my guess is they will go 30,000. I buy tires based on performance not mileage. This is a true one stop solution all season tire. I am positive my tire guy and his Continental rep will take care of me.

pete | 21/03/2019

I recently got a flat tire, and had to replace all 4 tires. The local tire store didn't have the same tire in stock and gave me "something similar". It looks similar yes, but boy is it inferior. It drives and corners fine under 50 MPH, but at 70+ the tire feels downright unsafe. Now the car has major body roll and its hard to control at high speeds. I'm very bummed as the car used to have laser precision focus when it came to steering, at any speed. I'm definitely switching back to the original tires.

tom168 | 21/03/2019

My 2015 70 D came with Michelin, and my 2018 100D came with Goodyear (with foam lining). The Michelin has a bit more road noise when compared with Goodyear. I like the Michelin better as it has much better cornering.

jordanrichard | 21/03/2019

I am on my 3rd set of the OEM Primacys. Unfortunately tires are not like a pair of jeans that you can try on and see if you like them and if not, return them.

Bill_75D | 21/03/2019

From the Michelin warranty:

"30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE If you’re not 100% satisfied, bring your tires and original sales receipt back to the place of purchase within 30 days for a new set of tires."

p.c.mcavoy | 22/03/2019

@Bill_75D - RE the Michelin warranty - Do you have any experience trying to exercise that? Their warranty information says they will replace with a set of equal or lesser value. What's not clear to me reading their warranty statement is whether they will only replace with a different set of Michelin tires or equal or lesser value, or any brand of tires. Either way, it's does not state it's a money back guarantee; you can't walk in, say I want my money back, and then go down the street to a different tire dealer.

Not saying it's a bad deal or dissing Michelin, I've owned many sets of their tires over the years, but more agreeing with @jordanrichard; not like taking a pair of jeans back and asking for my money back.

Bill_75D | 22/03/2019

They will replace with Michelin, BFGoodrich or Uniroyal, which are owned by Michelin.

I have no experience with this. I just thought it was interesting info.

ctforbes | 22/03/2019

I just replaced my stock 21" Michelins with Falken FK510's. Love them. Grippy, no road noise and don't cost as much as Conti or Michelin...

kerryglittle | 22/03/2019

Last week a friend asked me if I have those run flat tires on my S? I said only if they are out of air.

AERODYNE | 23/03/2019

I am quite happy with the Michelin Primacies. There is a treadwear Warranty as well. My fronts are 4YO and 27k with 5/32" left.

tcoughlin | 23/03/2019

I too have Michelin Primacy MXM4. The original Goodyear tires sucked big time. 20K miles. The Michelins have 28K on them and as oh two days ago are only down to 8/10s. Understand that the wear is quicker after 7/10s, however this is better wear and performance than the Pierelli's, Continentals I had on the BMW.

ColonyGolfer | 23/03/2019

How can you not qualify your discussion points by mentioning the size of the tire and type of vehicle you are driving? With 7 years' experience, I can tell you there are distinct differences you are missing. Anyone who acts on the advice given here without finding out whether the commentator has 19's, 21's or staggered is making a mistake. Model P? air suspension? All factor into the equation. There is NO correct complete answer to the unqualified question...."Which tire is best?"

Yodrak. | 23/03/2019

"What's the best tires for the model S?"
"There is NO correct complete answer to the unqualified question...."Which tire is best?""

Agree. In addition to the observation that many factors are involved, which factors are more important, or less important, to you?

adamslighting | 24/03/2019

You're absolutely correct. I should've made myself more clear. I have a MS85D. I'm not looking for "performance ", just regular tires that will last long for normal, every day driving.

mlanes | 24/03/2019

Pirelli Cinturato P7... 70K mile warranty, so far wearing pretty well quiet and grippy. I've always found michelin to wear pretty quickly, my 335D with staggered wheels would eat the PS2's, I had good luck with conti, but found Pirelli to be a good mix of wear and performance.

eggbert747 | 24/03/2019

Ditto that with Pirelli's. Quiet, good tread after 20K. Low rolling resistance. I've heard maybe not as good as Michelins in wet conditions. In San Diego (usually) not a problem.

MilesMD88 | 24/03/2019

Michelin Primacy at 25K, still new. Mostly highway miles. Encredibly quiet. Should get atleast 60K out of them. Will purchase again

1960flightdoc | 30/03/2019

Has anyone tried to replace their MS 21 inch staggered wheels with 255/35/21 front and 275/35/21 rear?

I was thinking about it since having to replace tires in a few months.

hammer @OR-US | 30/03/2019

@flightdoc you can do 275's on the rear, I run 275/40/20 on the rear which is almost the exact same effective tire size as 275/35/21. From everything I've seen, 255's on the front is not advisable.

Silver2K | 30/03/2019

Hands down the best all-weather tire is nokian wrg4

tstolz | 31/03/2019

Agree with Silver2K .. I’m in Alberta so I use WRG4s as my ‘summer’ tire and studded nokians as my winter tires. I have a love-hate relationship with studded tires .. but they do work! The WRG4s are simply amazing and for most people they would work well year-round.

deemo | 31/03/2019

I have the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus tires for about 10K miles so far, better tire than the Michelins (tiny bit louder maybe) and a 50K mile warranty.

iTesla | 01/04/2019

Silver2K, tstolz, Do you have an opinion on the Nokian zLine A/S? I just put on my second set of the original zLine summer tires (non-A/S). My first set got 24,000 miles (p85 19"). Unfortunately in North America, Nokian doesn't import the summer tires, just the A/S version.

tstolz | 01/04/2019

ITesla - Sorry, no opinion ... l did look into the Nokian Z line, but in the end decided on the WRG4s ... I also use them on my Z4 .. quiet, low rolling resistance, performance oriented, and winter rated to boot! Night and day better btw vs the stock Pirelli winters.

Silver2K | 02/04/2019

iTesla, no exp with nokian Z line.

adspguy | 08/04/2019

Just put on WRG4s on my 90D. I had been using WRG2,3,4 on my other vehicles and they are great on my S as well.

barrykmd | 08/04/2019

How are the WRG4's in snow?

Bighorn | 08/04/2019

Quite good from all I've heard. Nokian is the pack leader for snow tires and these are very good all-seasons. | 08/04/2019

Just switched from Goodyears to Pirelli Cinturato P7 plus (19"). I found them quieter, which surprised me (the Goodyears with foam are rather good). So far the P7s handle as well, although for comfort I feel some bumps a tiny bit more.

They should last a lot longer than the Goodyears. Only got 19K miles out of the Goodyears in the rears (with rotation every 6,000 or so), but replaced all four at the same time. Fronts were at 5/32s so I may have to rotate a bit more often to get even wear as RWD is harder on the rear tires. I

I'm in California, and never need to deal with snow or cold. Likely could have gone with a summer tire, but it can get down below 40F on occasion - which is not great for a summer tire.

tstolz | 08/04/2019

Barrykmd - WRG4s are good in snow ... way, way, better than the stock Pirelli winters! That said, they are not as good as a dedicated winter tire. I use them as a year-round all-season tire on my Z4 and as my ‘summer’ tires on my MS.

cfishkin01 | 08/04/2019


Strange, still have my original Goodyears 19" 2017 S75D, have 35K miles, never been rotated, never needed it, one alignment, run 45 lbs pressure, mostly highway, pretty easy on the tires. Still have 5/32 left, will replace at 40K. Unbelievably even wear all around. Don't know why yours didn't last..

Tldickerson | 08/04/2019

@cfishkin01, TeslaTap sais his car was quote..I may have to rotate a bit more often to get even wear as RWD is harder on the rear tires.
Still very bad wear for 19" wheels. I got over 20,000 on my first P85 RWD, but I did rotate them often.

cfishkin01 | 09/04/2019

Yeah, thanks for the clarification. | 10/04/2019

I think I'm fairly easy on tires - but do use regen as much as possible. Don't normally take curves hard either. I think it's mostly due to RWD puts a lot more wear on the rears (and perhaps more potholes than ever). I suspect AWD is less stressful on tires.

Even though I did two rotations (6500 & 12500) and was planning the third at 19,000 - but that meant the rears were in place for about 13,000 miles (0 to 6500 and 12500 to 19,000). For me, I'm going to switch to a 5,000 mile rotation schedule. My guess is I could have gotten 25K or so with a 5K rotation schedule.

Tread wear across the thread on each tire was even at 19K miles - so it wasn't an alignment issue. Also kept tires at 45 psi. Anyway, not complaining. I never expect a lot out of OEM tires. On my first S (2013) I got 30K on the first set of Goodyears (pre foam ones) so longer life is possible.

b8schris | 10/04/2019

My tires are nearing the end of their life and I want the quietest tires available. nice big squishy tires :)

what are your suggestions?

Czrten | 19/04/2019

hello gents. have a model s 85. has anyone ran 265/35-21 on all fours? i need new tires but am looking for a more beefy tire... any thoughts would be appreciated.

MJP.75D | 19/04/2019

265s do not fit on the front. Fine on rear.