Elon can not run for POTUS

Elon can not run for POTUS

But this guy can and he is the next best thing and perhaps the best thing for that office. His manners and how he analyze things remind me a lot of Elon even though he seems to be a better communicator than Elon. He also got a better understanding than all other candidates of technology and how it will impact humanity and our soceity which is the reason why he wanted to run. Toward the end they have mentioned Elon's name too. I think to spend two hours watching this Joe Rogan Experience interview is a very worthwhile thing to do (watch the whole thing if you think it's a joke).

Uncle Paul | 21/03/2019

If Elon were to become President it would be a wild and crazy ride for sure.

Alas, needs to be a natural born citizen.

Would also need to divest himself from Tesla, Boring, and Space X. | 21/03/2019

@carlk - Never listened to Ros Rogan or Andrew Yang before. Excellent video and a real eye opener. Was going to skip it, then thought I'd at least listen for a couple of minutes, and then I got hooked. So many constructive ideas I'd never heard of before. Well worth a listen. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. | 21/03/2019

(Should have been Joe Rogan).

carlk | 21/03/2019

TeslaTap Same here. I first saw news a few days ago that he's giving a speech here in the Bay Area. Then I found the Joe Rogan interview and intended to watch if for a few minutes, I never have patient to watch long interview like that, but just couldn't stop until finished watching the whole thing.

It's refreshing to see a politician, I don't know if we can call him a politician, who is all ideas and analyses without a trace of negativity to anyone or anything even those he's against. Another similarity between him and Elon is they are both optimists. Wish he could at least get his message heard.