Hold Feature on Model 3

Hold Feature on Model 3

My Model 3 has a hold mode while waiting at a red light. Why can't that be added to my 2014 Model S? | 22/03/2019

It's on all newer Model S cars. The entire brake design was changed to accommodate AutoPilot and as a bonus they could include the brake hold feature. (i.e. mechanical/electric brakes). On your S, the brakes are strictly mechanical so there is no way to add the feature.

AZGLFR | 22/03/2019

My 2015 S 85D has it .

NKYTA | 22/03/2019

Well, even 2012's got "Hill Hold" in 5.x. But only "holds" for ~2sec

Boonedocks | 22/03/2019

@AZGLFR that is when AP1 was added(whether or not you paid for AP to be activated) and has the electromechanical brake booster necessary for both AP and the Hold Feature

RandallKeith | 22/03/2019

My October 2014 with auto pilot hardware ( software not activated ) has the hold feature. Add a little extra pressure to the brake pedal,the H will appear in the upper right hand portion of the instrument cluster.

Bighorn | 22/03/2019

You don’t have the Bosch electric brakes on your 2014.

jordanrichard | 22/03/2019

That feature seems to me to be the one that you don't want to get used to. We all have or have heard the stories about getting out of a ICE car leaving it running. This is all fine and dandy, but now climb into a car that doesn't have this hold feature while sitting at a traffic light on a hill or even just a slight incline.......

TranzNDance | 22/03/2019

I make it a habit to look for the H in my car so it shouldn't be a problem when I use another car that doesn't have it. I would just be annoyed that pushing in the brake pedal didn't do what I wanted and I'd have to keep my foot on the pedal while waiting at a light. Alternatively, I avoid ICE cars.