Tesla Pickup

Tesla Pickup

I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are about Tesla’s vision for a PU. The best guesses on form factor based on the Model Y reviel and Tesla’s history seem to be leaning toward an aerodynamic, cab-forward design. Would you buy a non-traditional formfactor PU? Personally I would if it makes for a better truck .. but I’m not convinced the masses would as few people like to ‘stand out’. That said, the Tesla 3/Y interior seems to be gaining acceptance ... comments?

Madatgascar | 24/03/2019

We have heard “steampunk,” “cyberpunk,” “Blade Runner,” and “completely different.” Longer than the normal pickup to incorporate a game-changing feature. I’m hoping for some long pass-through storage options like Bollinger’s central tunnel. Can’t wait!

sosmerc | 24/03/2019

I think Elon has set us up to expect something very "different" from what is commonly seen in pickup today. He even implied that it may not appeal to very many, but he wants to do it anyway as "he" really wants it. The F-150 killer will just have to wait.
Frankly, I don't see how Tesla has the time and resources to do anything more than what they already have on their plate.

tstolz | 24/03/2019

I agree with Madatgascar .. the ‘secret feature’ could be a pass-through front to back for long items. A truck with that could probably haul a 30 foot pipe with just 5 feet hanging out the front and back. The teaser pic could be the front ‘tail-gate’ and windshield.

jordanrichard | 24/03/2019

Tstolz, “....30 foot pipe with just 5 feet hanging out”? That means the truck would be 25 ft long!!! That is a very long truck?

Madatgascar | 24/03/2019

@jordanrichard, it would be 20’ long if 5’ hangs out each end (doubtful). But a load of 2x4’s or 2x6’s long enough to build a story of a house would be very, very useful.

blizzyb | 24/03/2019

If they're going to do it, they shouldn't wait too long. I think they Model Y should have come out before the Model 3 based on current market trends. This guy seems to have a similar stance:

NKYTA | 24/03/2019

Armchair quarterbacking. The mission proceeds apace, and perhaps beyond.

kcheng | 24/03/2019

"tstolz | March 24, 2019
I agree with Madatgascar .. the ‘secret feature’ could be a pass-through front to back for long items. A truck with that could probably haul a 30 foot pipe with just 5 feet hanging out the front and back. The teaser pic could be the front ‘tail-gate’ and windshield."

And before you know it, someone will invent Truck Jousting as a sport.

sbeggs | 25/03/2019

Good one!

tstolz | 25/03/2019

OK ... teasing aside .. I actually checked the math. An F150 supercab with 8 foot box is 20.8 feet long and regular cab 19 feet. Drop the tail gates (about 2 feet each) that gives you 23 - 24.8 feet before any ‘overhang’. Assuming the driver is comfortable with material hanging out the front and back ... a 30 foot length of something is totally doable! Hope this clarifies.

wiboater4 | 29/03/2019

Have had someone with a regular pickup strap steel to the bottom of a truck for hauling long pieces. No pass through needed. Roof rack would also work. Rivian has the tube going through from the side.
The model 3 came out before the Y so they could get a cheaper electric vehicle out for those of us that couldn't justify spending on the more expensive Tesla's.

RJMIII | 29/03/2019

@blizzyb - Would you give it up and stop peddling that boring video. The only thing underwhelming is the voice over.

Please stop and go away.

Tesla2018 | 30/03/2019

It will probably be a diesel hybrid to appeal to most truck owners. Oh wait April 1st isnt until Monday!
Seriously how many people would want a truck that big since it wouldnt fit in their garage. Unless they do some crazy thing like the International pick up truck that came out about 10 years ago that was basically the cab of a semi with a pickup truck bed in the back of it and people buy it as a novelty.

ckcland2 | 30/03/2019

@Tesla2018 - my current F250 doesn't fit inside my garage. No big deal.

David N | 30/03/2019

There’s a whole bunch of pick up owners that cant get their truck in their garage. Mine included.

jjs | 30/03/2019

The special feature will be that your garage will fit inside the pickup. That way you can take it with you.

jordanrichard | 31/03/2019

I just thought of a huge advantage to a Tesla PU vs say a F150. Since a very large number of F150s or any other PU truck, are used for construction/trades, they can’t afford their trucks to be out of commission for repairs. Well, via Mobile service, Tesla can go to a job site and fix the truck on site.

TabascoGuy | 02/04/2019

@jordanrichard +1

Another advantage could be utilizing Mobile service if you needed repairs while camping or out 4 wheeling in the woods or dunes or wherever.

3seeker | 07/06/2019

My guess would be a retractable truck bed that allows transformation between sedan mode and truck mode. Sedan mode would enable it to fit inside a standard garage.

David N | 08/06/2019

You can listen to a podcast where Elon was interviewed and he talk about the pick up truck. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole interview, in a nut shell, has to be under 50k at entry level, using the F150 as a bench mark to meet and exceed capacities and functionality. It will not look like a typical pick up, it may not be for those who desire a typical looking pick up. Nice interview , Elon discussed many things, worth listening to.
I don’t know how to post links, so you might have to type it in.

blue adept | 08/06/2019

I don't know whether anyone here has noticed it or not, but the Semi already reflects the stylized portrayal of a semi tractor in the Blade Runner 2049 movie, but that's only the semi as there were no real depictions of a 'pickup' truck in the movie except, perhaps, for the one exception of the Unimog that was used at and parked outside of the farmhouse where the character "Sapper" grew insects for food...?

Who knows?!

Tropopause | 09/06/2019


... and the pickup truck will out-perform a standard Porsche 911.

bestgorden | 09/06/2019

I am ready top retire and seriously want to upgrade to a EV truck. Tesla needs to put a realistic pick up on the market to compete with the F150. I will be all over that option. Elon seems to be going off to deep space with his futuristic ideas. That can be cool but will miss out on my order for sure. Still... I hope the marketing team reigns him in and delivers an affordable and realistic design for the masses

jamesdfl | 10/06/2019

If it seats 5 adults comfortably, can haul a pallet of junk in the back > 1500#, tow a large boat, have optional off-road capability, and still keep up with the sport cars on the road, I'm sold.. I'll trade my pickup tomorrow.