Dog setting for Climate Control

Dog setting for Climate Control

I now have the "Dog" setting on my Model 3 to advise concerned people that my dog, alone in the parked Tesla, is in no danger of thermal discomfort. Very handy.

When will we see this software update for my Model X? Seems to me like not a major effort to make this feature available.

Any news on this?

Vawlkus | 29/03/2019

It’s in 8.3. I already have it.

jjgunn | 29/03/2019

2019.8.3 has it. So did 2019.5.15.

Touch the fan icon & you'll see it.

Set it to 69 or less for your puppy.

jackcolo | 29/03/2019

I don't find the dog feature. It does not appear after touching the fan icon.

Could I have missed a software upgrade? How do I determine the current software version?

jackcolo | 29/03/2019

The current software version is 9.0

jjgunn | 29/03/2019

@jackcolo...touch the "T" at top of screen. Lower left corner will have firmware version.

kellerrook | 30/03/2019

I cannot get sentry mode and dog mode on simultaneously. Are they in compatible?

jjgunn | 30/03/2019


That's correct. Can't use Sentry mode while a live being is inside the car. ;-)

It's either/or not both.

Uncle Paul | 30/03/2019

Dog would constantly be setting off the Sentry alert.

kellerrook | 31/03/2019

Thanks, I thought that was the problem but I wasn’t sure whether sentry mode worked for motion inside the car as well as motion/contact outside the car. Whippets are not apt to scare off a thief, but dog mode suits the pooches well.

Uncle Paul | 31/03/2019

Just got my Dog mode today. Might become my camper mode...

jackcolo | 04/04/2019

New software wasa installed last night and I now have the Dog mode.

The only problem is that the explanation page for this download is BLANK!

The Model 3 also got a software update last night and it came with a full explanation of the update.


David Trushin | 18/04/2019

True to Tesla's design philosophy of only using third party color, the dog mode screen is done in grey scale.

Btw, dog mode option only appears when you touch the fan icon while in park.