Just got 2019.12 in my late 2016 Model S!

Just got 2019.12 in my late 2016 Model S!

I just got 2019.12 in my Late model 2016 HW2.0 Model S. Interesting thing is that it has Sentry mode, but dashcam does not work. It also has a new 'software' section on the menu which shows the current version, and from what it says notifies if you have a later version to download. When downloading it is supposed to show the progress bar. It also has auto lane change on Navigate on Autopilot.

The other nice thing is that it shows the MAP version also...

I actually got it before my wife's Model 3, which still has 2019.8.5 which has auto lane change. Maybe my early access because of referrals is finally paying off.

CAPTMPL | 07/04/2019

I got it too last night, early 2017 2.0 model S

reed_lewis | 07/04/2019

The web browser is supposed to be better, but alas it is about the same.

Oh Well!

thranx | 07/04/2019

I got it yesterday, too. Have been denying it ever since. July 2016 build, AP1.

RedJ | 07/04/2019

I also have a late 2016 MS and just received 2019.12. I was really surprised to see sentry mode in the release notes. Since we don’t have dash cam functionality apparently it temporarily stores video on Tesla servers if it’s triggered.

On a side note, I could read the release notes right after the update, but they are now blank.

Also NoAP is AWESOME now and I finally feel like I got the EAP I purchased.

packpike | 07/04/2019

@RedJ - have you tried Sentry Mode? This is huge if a pre-HW2.5 vehicle has Sentry. Please confirm.

RedJ | 07/04/2019

I did enable sentry mode. When I can back to the car it had a notification on the dash indicating one sentry mode incident (presumably me returning to the car). However there’s no obvious way to review video except presumably to contact Tesla.

Also I didn’t get a notification on my App which I would have expected. I will have to experiment.

This was very unexpected as I have HW2.0 and MCU1

bwb1 | 07/04/2019

Still on 2018.50.6 in my 2015 AP1 70D. This has been my longest wait for a current update.

RedJ | 07/04/2019

Ok, so I turned on sentry mode and left my keys in the house and produced to push every door handle and bump/rock the car. No alarm went off and no notification was sent to my phone. I then used the app to unlock the car and the following notification was displayed:

Also here’s what sentry mode looks like on the MCU:

TSLC | 07/04/2019

This is really good news anyway you slice it for AP2/MCU1. I am still on 2018.50.6 and even was pushed the latest version a few days ago and it is again 2018.50.6. Patience seems to be key after enacting every trick known to force a newer version. Very much looking forward to the faux sentry mode or maybe limited is more accurate. NoA updates sound really promising as well. I don’t think I have been as excited about an update yet in my two years of ownership. Hopefully soon.

@RedJ - You may want to try shaking the car or gently banging on the hood or window and see what occurs. The door handles being pushed may not be considered an active threat.

SoCal Buzz | 07/04/2019

Wow, very cool to see this on non-AP 2.5 cars! I like the summary indicating number of alerts too.

themajesticking | 08/04/2019

OMG I'm too excited about this! I'm hoping they plan to eventually host the files somewhere for us to access them.

EVRider | 08/04/2019

Any sign of Enhanced Summon? Beta testers had it in 2019.9, so I would have expected it in .12 unless it isn’t ready for wide release yet.

PatientFool | 08/04/2019

Interesting. I wonder if AP2 cars can handle sentry mode fine when parked since the AP computer isn't doing any AP (car is parked!). Whereas the reason we don't get dashcam while driving is we don't have that redundant 3rd GPU and additional 2GB of memory...? i.e. lack of compute resources to process the video while driving (which would reinforce the idea that a HW3 upgrade would get AP2 cars dashcam).

RedJ | 08/04/2019

@TMS I banged my car until my hand hurt, but the alarm/music did not go off (the MCU did display “recording”

@EV no sign of enhanced summon on 2019.12 (HW2.0 car)

RedJ | 08/04/2019

So I put a plugged a FAT32 usb drive in with the “TeslaCam” folder in root to see what would happen even though I don’t have dashcam. As expected the dashcam icon did not appear. However after activating and triggering the sentry mode alert mode a number of mp4 files showed up on the usb stick however there was no actual video and all of the files 1kb or less. It was as if it tried but failed to record the video.

EVRider | 08/04/2019

Once Tesla adds video support to the browser, which Elon says is coming, it would be useful to be able to view your car's uploaded Sentry Mode video from the car (and only from the car that recorded the video).

themajesticking | 09/04/2019

I don't think MCU1 cars are getting video in our browser

EVRider | 09/04/2019

@themajesticking: See this related thread:

Jcastillo18 | 09/04/2019

It’s a moot question but can they upgrade MC1 to a faster processing system. I know it’s hardware and taking things across it’s that I love my car don’t want get another car if possible

Jcastillo18 | 09/04/2019

* meant MCU

Boonedocks | 09/04/2019

@Jcastillo18 | April 9, 2019
It’s a moot question but can they upgrade MCU1 to a faster processing system. I know it’s hardware and taking things across it’s that I love my car don’t want get another car if possible"

According to Elon sure!!!

Jcastillo18 | 09/04/2019

Oh thanks

EVRider | 09/04/2019

I recall that some owners got free upgrades from MCU1 to MCU2 if they had MCU issues that required replacement under warranty. What it would cost to pay for that upgrade and whether it's worth it is another question.

mrdad.miller | 01/05/2019

This morning my 2017 AP 2.0 model S updated to Software version 2019.12.1.1. This release added “Sentry Mode” which I am trying to use. I have a FAT32 formatted USB stick with the “TeslaCam” folder inserted in the console. I enabled Sentry Mode and was able to trigger the red “Sentry Activated” screen. I gave it time to write the files and turned off Sentry mode from my Iphone app. When I look at the USB stick using my PC, I see properly named .MP4 files in a "SavedClips" folder, but they are only 1 KB in size and un-viewable. Has anyone had success in viewing these files?

Bill_75D | 01/05/2019

Put down the USB stick and read some more in the forum. AP 2.0 doesn't record video.

Yodrak. | 01/05/2019

" I see properly named .MP4 files in a "SavedClips" folder, but they are only 1 KB in size and un-viewable. Has anyone had success in viewing these files?"

I have had success viewing files saved by Sentry Mode, but I do not remember offhand what the format was or the size.

RAR | 01/05/2019

@Bill_75D According to my Owner's Manual for my AP 2.0 S90D:

"When in Alert state, Sentry Mode saves the last ten minutes of video footage prior to the event that triggered the Alert state, provided that a properly configured USB drive is inserted into one of the USB ports (see Dashcam).

@mrdad.miller Did you trigger the Alert state? Your description of your process does not include that action.

As some have speculated, the AP 2.0 hardware may have sufficient power to write to the USB drive when not driving. I just got 2019.12.1.1 last night and have not tried it yet. The manual seems to imply that this is possible.

sentabo | 01/05/2019

bwb1 | April 7, 2019
Still on 2018.50.6 in my 2015 AP1 70D. This has been my longest wait for a current update.

Same here, bwb. I usually get them relatively soon. Oh, well.

Sept 2015 AP1 70D

Bighorn | 01/05/2019

I got 12.1.1 in both cars last night.
Was on 50.6 in the S until today.