Return window for a used purchase?

Return window for a used purchase?

Anyone know if there is a return window on a used purchase? I bought a 2015 Model S P90DL because I wanted to enjoy the Launch mode with friends from time to time... and once I got it home it updated to v9 right when I plugged it in to charge it up. Ever since the update launch mode won't activate and I can't seem to find anyone who has had this issue, and Tesla so far doesn't know what's wrong....

sri.vandan | 08/04/2019

With used Teslas, their policy seems to be like regular car dealerships. You drive off the lot, you keep it. That said, your case seems to be where the product is not meeting its specifications which you may not have any way of knowing without taking it off the lot. Talk to someone higher up in Tesla and how they can make it right. Perhaps they may consider taking it back as an option.

EVRider | 09/04/2019

You were already informed in your other thread about launch mode that it’s a big and will be fixed. Do you still want to return the car?

net1961 | 09/04/2019

I have the same issue on my 2015 P90DL, launch mode not available anymore, anyone else with additional information on this?

Razorx1337x | 09/04/2019

EVRider, settle down there friend. I posted this when my other thread sat with no responses.... that’s when I feared it’s an issue with the car so I posed the return question. Relieved now to know it’s a bug... and no I don’t want to return it now.

Razorx1337x | 09/04/2019

Thanks net1961. Seems more and more folks are having this issue.

Jcastillo18 | 09/04/2019

Razor this is the first I’ve heard of this let me ask on other forums .

Jcastillo18 | 09/04/2019

Press on the brake with left foot and keep it held down. While doing that, with right foot, press on the accelerator fully and release it. Then when you are ready to launch, release the brake.

From the manual:
To Activate Launch Mode
Before activating Launch Mode, it is recommended that the brakes are slightly warm by driving for a few minutes and using the brakes a few times.
1. Set the acceleration level to Insane or Ludicrous and enable Max Battery Power (see Controls on page 104).
2. With Model X shifted into Drive and at a complete stop with the steering wheel straight, fully press the brake pedal with your left foot.
3. While still pressing the brake with your left foot, fully press the accelerator pedal with your right foot, then release the accelerator pedal. The instrument panel displays a message indicating that Launch Mode is enabled.
4. Within eight seconds, fully press the accelerator pedal a second time to pre- load motor torque, then within four seconds, release the brake.
When you release the brake, Model X launches forward.

Jcastillo18 | 09/04/2019

That’s what I found at a past forum

ryanautry | 09/04/2019

Same here, Razor & net1961... No max battery power or launch mode on my P90DL after 2019.8.3 update.

EVRider | 09/04/2019

@Razorx1337x: I was just asking, didn't mean to sound critical. Glad to hear you decided to keep the car. :-)

Razorx1337x | 09/04/2019

Jcastillo18 - thanks for trying to help. I couldn't find the issue on other forums either until I posted the one below and saw someone linked another thread where owners are seeing this issue. The problem with the steps you listed is it's the old instructions. After this new update Max Battery power is gone, replaced by Ludicrous +.... but it's not working.

larrydavidow | 09/04/2019

Same issue for me. 2016 AP1 P90DL - No Ludicrous+ max battery/heating and no launch mode. Car is currently at SC and they can't figure it out. Have posted here as well as TMC to see if others have the same issue. There are at least 3 others that have chimed in on other threads, so you're not alone. Mixture of P85D and P90D Model S cars. Seems isolated to AP1 cars.

Razorx1337x | 13/04/2019

@ larrydavidow - have you heard anything from your SC? I spoke with the SC manager yesterday and he assured me they were in talks with engineering but no update.

kurfer | 01/05/2019

Razor, you should probably fight for that return as this issue won’t be fixed. Tesla is walking away fro AP1 and at this point will only be taking away. I’m so dissatisfied with Tesla and will be looking to get rid of my p90d and go back to ICE until a real car company starts developing EV.

Mathew98 | 01/05/2019

@kurfer - Good luck with that. Let us know when you find a real car company offering a truly compelling EV.

Don't hold your breath though. You might pass out, fall on your head, and become comatose.

Yodrak. | 01/05/2019

"I’m so dissatisfied with Tesla and will be looking to get rid of my p90d and go back to ICE ... "

What ICEV will you buy that can match the acceleration that remains in your castrated Tesla?