Bought a X from the new inventory from Tesla

Bought a X from the new inventory from Tesla

I have just bought an inventory (demo) 2018 P100D X.
Should i expect(i suppose) to take delivery of the car in a a state as a new one? I mean: no scratches, no tread wear on tyres, no color staint on the seats? I would suppose so, because its not bought on the used stock of Tesla but on the inventory stock..

I would appreciate an input from anyone out there with a similar experience. Thank you

steve | 10/04/2019

I took delivery of my 100D X on Monday. It was an inventory car that was at their Baltimore location (about 120 miles away). I paid my $2500 on Thursday afternoon, and took delivery of the car on Monday afternoon.

When purchased, it was listed as having 1841 miles. When I got it the odometer read 1850. Obviously there has to be a little bit of tire wear.

The car looked, smelled and felt brand new. It was detailed like a new car and other than a thumb print sized dirt spot on the interior lining of the B pillar it was spotless. I noticed the spot after I got home and it took me 15 seconds and a damp towel to remove it.

I'm very happy with the entire process and I have a "new" car for less money than if I would have ordered it.

drbeeharry | 10/04/2019

@ Steve : Thanks. Mine has at least 5500 miles on it. Confirmed my order on the 18.3 and still waiting for delivery. Over here in Europe, more precisely in Belgium, its quite a hassle to get the delivery smoothly...

So i should expect my X like a brand new one and i would hope for tires which should not be worn out..(its a P!) | 10/04/2019

@drbeeharry - I'd expect a clean car, but not perfect. One that has 5500 miles will have some tire tread wear. A P100D (performance) has softer tires for gripper high performance, so will wear faster. A guess is you'll have 2/3 of tire life left (15K miles for a set is reasonable). I'd expect a few small paint dings on the front as all cars tend to collect these just from normal driving. Tesla should advise if any are really noticeable. Hopefully no scratches. They are not selling it as a brand new car, so just like any car from any carmaker, it will have some minor wear here and there. For 5,500 miles it should be minimal, and hopefully well worth the discount.

paul | 10/04/2019

I got my P100DL Model X 3.5 weeks ago. It has 12k KM on it. (Got more than 64k euro off the price!)

The car was perfect. It had been detailed. A few dings that it had they had repaired. They had repaired the 22" black wheels too which was nice. It was a show room / test drive car. I consider it brand new.

drbeeharry | 11/04/2019

Thank you @ TT
@Paul: Thanks. i suppose you are from europe also... i was kind of expecting the car in a as new state. Indeed the Tesla Sales advisor did tell me that the car should be perfect. But nothing in written.

Seems handling of matters by Tesla is not the same in Europe. Example: Tesla offered 3 years free supercharger in the US to recent buyers(already Tesla owner) taking delivery before 30.3.19 but nothing here in Europe. I suppose you were not aware of this?

brainstorm.21 | 12/04/2019

Ugh, reading this information my desire to buy Tesla only increases ((

nipper2 | 12/04/2019

I bough New X it's being delivered to my house today :) I already have an S90D but just excited

jimglas | 15/04/2019

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Vawlkus | 15/04/2019

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drbeeharry | 18/04/2019

Hello friends. Received today my X. I'm happy but... :
- car was cleaned but not detailed, still a bit dirty in the inside here and there
- 1 wheel scratched, no new tyres
- driver seat stained with blue(jeans), i have the white interior.
- two minor scratches on one door
- the chrome handles are quite scratched
- but the most annoying: when i confirmed the X(on 18.3), i remember about 6000 miles(not sure exactly). Got delivered only today(after one month!) and the car has already 8000 miles... any thoughts if i can find out why and if i can genuinely ask Tesla to account for this?

Otherwise, as you guess, i am super happy

drbeeharry | 18/04/2019

I should mention that it is an inventory demo car(not from the used cars)

Almost everyone i asked, who were delivered a demo or inventory car, had the car in a as new state. So i was expecting also the same as everyone..

Tessa75D | 19/04/2019

Seems as if the car was still being used as a demo upon purchase, if you have documentation of initial purchase with lesser miles, I would furnish to them asking for the difference in value “they use a formula”. Can’t hurt.