how do i know the car is sleeping?

how do i know the car is sleeping?

After seeing numerous threads on phantom drain and having a problem with it myself I'd like to know how people know their M3s are sleeping? I know that TeslaFi gives you that info, but without TeslaFi how do you know?

hokiegir1 | 12/04/2019

Without TeslaFi (or similar), the best you can tell is based on the "wake time" when you open the app -- but every time you open the app, you wake the car, so if you are opening it to see if it's sleeping, then..... you see where that is going.

AFJAYMO | 12/04/2019

You will hear it snoring?

lilbean | 12/04/2019

You won't hear it farting?

Doggiehowser | 12/04/2019

@lilbean.. Sorry but it its like me, it'll be farting more while it sleeps ;-)

Rt002k | 12/04/2019

Try stacking cheerios on top of it.

detayls | 12/04/2019

Why do you care?

jordanrichard | 12/04/2019

How do you know it is "sleeping"? ummmm you are not in the car...............

Doggiehowser | 12/04/2019

@detayls because I like many other people are concerned with excessive phantom power drain and some people think that their power is draining because the car is not sleeping...maybe trying to access data over a poor wifi connection that prevents sleep or an app that prevents sleep. Not sleeping drains kwh

@jordanrichard not being in the car does not necessarily mean your car is sleeping. Why does the car show 250 miles when you get out at night and 12 hours later show 235 miles? You've lost 15 miles in twelve hours of your car supposedly doing nothing...sleeping. It's a concern if you're going to leave it at the airport for a week. I'd like to track down my car's phantom loss.

derotam | 12/04/2019

@Doggiehowser, so can you confirm that you are not running ANY 3rd party apps? Also, can you confirm that Sentry mode is not on at night? What firmware version are you on?

detayls | 12/04/2019

Phantom Power Drain is really the car keeping itself in top trim. Just charge it every night and forget it.

jordanrichard | 12/04/2019

Doggiehowser, I clearly said that no car truly goes to sleep. No Honda, Mercedes, Chevy etc. My overall point is it doesn't matter because you can't do anything about it. I have a MS and we have the option to put it into "Energy Save" mode which doesn't put the car completely to "sleep", but it goes into a power save mode. The result of this is it takes a moment of two for the screens to come to life. BTW in 5 years I have never used this feature. With the range Tesla's have there is really no need to try and do "hypermiling" things. If one is worried about "phantom drain" and the loss of miles, then don't ever use remote heating/cooling of the interior because you will lose miles that way too.

Doggiehowser | 12/04/2019

@jordanrichard I understand your point. When I run around town here as I usually do I'm very free with my kwh I leave heat on when i go into a store, preheat the car whether attached to a charger or not, leave the a/c on for my dog, etc. But I have an overnight trip to NYC every other week. During cold months i return home from NYC with anywhere between 5-20% battery left. Some nights (independent of temperature) I loose 2%, some nights 8%. No rhyme or reason. I don;t prefer to charge on the way home so if I can find some factor that I can deal with to keep my loss at 2% vs 8% I want to be able to do that, The other factor is parking at the airport for 2 weeks. I get to JFK from my house with 75% charge remaining. I'd prefer to come back with 50% and not 20%. Yes I know we have to adjust ourselves to EV's they are not ICE cars but I'd prefer not to charge at JFK (yuk what a terrible supercharger) or have to leave early to charge on the way down to the airport. OK first world problems you might say, but just trying to make using the car a little more seamless.....I Love This Car!

upend | 12/04/2019

Schrodinger"s Tesla :)

cdgram23 | 12/04/2019

If you have an iPhone, you can add the Tesla app to the widget screen. When your car is sleeping, the widget will actually say "asleep".

So...there IS a way to tell.

lbowroom | 12/04/2019

"Why does the car show 250 miles when you get out at night and 12 hours later show 235 miles?"

Perhaps because that's predicted range, not battery level. Range is less when It's colder.

n7vdr1 | 12/04/2019

@cdgram23 where is the widget screen on a iPhone?

n7vdr1 | 12/04/2019

@cdgram23 where is the widget screen on a iPhone?

n7vdr1 | 12/04/2019

Disregard I figured it out! Nice tip!

Hyperspice | 12/04/2019

@cdgram23 Thank you

Doggiehowser | 12/04/2019

Good tip about widget screen

Rutrow 3 | 12/04/2019

Same way you know the light goes off when you close the refrigerator door.


RES IPSA | 12/04/2019

I can hear my car dreaming when it sleeps

syclone | 13/04/2019

The Widget screen is great!