Model 3 Store Items

Model 3 Store Items

Forgive me if this has been posted before but I can't find it. I just got my M3 a few weeks ago so I'm new. Car manufactured on my birthday..kind of cool.

Does anyone have any information about when items become available in the store? I'm itching for a fob and a roof rack and check back every day. I wish you could preorder.

My question to you T-Vets out there is will there be any warning or notification before new stock is introduced? How can I order or obtain these items?

Thanks everybody...I love my car. Only 2000 miles so far but no issues. Well, one issue. Sometimes i get this weird feeling. Sort of like nausea but in my head, not my stomach. I've experienced it while sitting still in my garage. Thinking maybe it could be my glass on the screen but who knows. We're talking about a fob here lol

JarvisM3 | 12/04/2019

Same boat here. Welcome to the club! I'm still learning new things everyday. As for the store items, I have been checking daily myself.

knects | 13/04/2019

I just went through this same experience. Wanted the Aero Kit and the Charger mount. I had ordered the Rear cargo mat and it was not shipped and went back out of stock later that day. I just checked every morning (am an early riser) and as they became available I ordered. The day that the Cargo mat was back in stock mine shipped. It was about a week after ordering. I found no better method or a way to get notified.

surfpearl | 13/04/2019

Just keep checking the on-line store from time to time, that's the best proven method. When a hot item like the roof-rack becomes available again, someone may post a heads-up notification here, but don't rely solely on it. In the meantime, enjoy your car!

Carl Thompson | 13/04/2019

Just be happy Tesla is now giving notifications when you order and and it ships. It used to be you got no acknowledgement of you order at all until something showed up at your door weeks (or months) later.

jimglas | 13/04/2019

@Carl: agreed, I just ordered an item from the tesla store. I was shocked when I got an immediate confirmation. Then a shipping notice with tracking. Very nice.