Monroney sticker for SR+/MR

Monroney sticker for SR+/MR

I received my SR+ towards the end March. I was a bit confused about the Monroney sticker that came with it only saying "Model 3 Standard Range" as opposed to a "Standard Range Plus". I'm curious if any SR+ owner received one of these stickers with the proper model name.. and also, what about the Mid Range owners? Was the model name correct?

I think this may be another indication that this change that has happened (no different 35k hardware being built, just a SR+ software limited) was planned :)

wiscy67 | 13/04/2019

At the top it shows the Model 3 Standard Range. And the description with the "Plus" is included as a line item for $2,000.

MoonDog | 13/04/2019

@wiscy67, True, I did notice that. I remembered reading this article below talking about the SR/SR+ vehicles weights. I guess we may not know for sure.