voice command for windshield wiper.

voice command for windshield wiper.

I found automatic windshield wiper mode does not work very well. I was driving on highway, suddenly rain pour down. Wiper speed was too slow. I have to ask my wife to adjust wiper speed. This is very dangerous to adjust wiper speed while driving.

Will Telsa never going enable voice command on windshield wiper?

geedub1023 | 13/04/2019

Why didn't you just the button on the end of the left stalk? That's the easiest and safest way to get your wipers to work the quickest.

geedub1023 | 13/04/2019

In fact, pushing the button on the end of the left stalk would be a heck of a lot faster than activating the voice command, saying the command, and then the command happening.

don.lind | 13/04/2019

And pushing the left-stalk button causes the little wiper-speed tab to slide into view on the screen for maybe 5 seconds. At that point, you can touch the "high" wiper speed.
Knowing that the left-stalk button does this makes it a lot quicker and easier to do a quick wiper-speed adjustment.

Magic 8 Ball | 13/04/2019

● My reply is no.

ben | 13/04/2019

@geedub1023, thanks for your help. The wiper only wipe 2 time after I push it. I checked the manual before, it only mention how to adjust speed from the screen.

stopnair | 13/04/2019

ben, check don.lind message above..

gllivyl | 13/04/2019

For one-timer (or maybe 2 times), the left-stalk button is useful.

The best course of action is for Tesla to use the old-fashioned method: allow the left stalk tip to be turnable to multiple wiper stages. Not all functions have to be high-tech'ed.

geedub1023 | 13/04/2019

@ben You are right. I'm just saying pushing the button is faster and safer when a quick rain storm hits you while you're driving. You can then make wiper adjustments on the screen when it's safer...lighter rain, less traffic, etc.

@don.lind. You are also right, good point!

lph | 13/04/2019

We need to have a proper auto wiper function with sensitivity control. I live in a rainy area and the current auto wipe is almost useless. If Tesla really can't make this work properly (which is what i think is the case due to the camera viewing area being too small an area on the screen), then Tesla should provide a better and easier way:
One way to make this work using current hardware (using just a software update) is to have the end of stalk button work like this.
1 hard push = wash and wipe (like it is now)
For below we use a gentle push and should have an interval of no more than 1 second between modes (maybe about 1/2 second could work too?)
1 short push = 1 wipe / off, for items below when setting manual modes below:
after 1st second of push = continuous fast
2nd second of push = continuous slow
3rd second of push = intermittent fast
4th second of push = intermittent slow
and by continuing pressing (without letting go) will just recycle.

or something like that, would relieve some of the anxiety while driving in bad conditions.

M3phan | 13/04/2019

Tesla testers test (say that 3X fast) a wide variety of features, both new and improvements to current. This will get better.

EVRider | 13/04/2019

Voice commands for wipers and many other things are coming, according to

jim | 13/04/2019

Thanks for the link @EVRider. I had heard about a year ago that TELSA planned to add a lot of voice commands, but figured it was probably a relatively low priority versus things like FSD. Glad to see they are making real progress.

SalisburySam | 13/04/2019

I doubt that this will be fixed to most owners’ satisfaction anytime soon, if at all. Voice control has not added commands since at least last July when I got my Model 3 that I’m aware of. And the satisfaction with AutoWipers has been complained about endlessly in this and other fora. At least regarding the AutoWipers, Tesla has changed things from time to time and most think it has improved. Until we get a selectable sensitivity button on the wipers card, I don’t think AutoWipers will ever satisfy most owners. And that’s assuming rain awareness improves appreciably, if it even can with the camera technology. Lastly, there’s nighttime use when AutoWipers really falls apart, at least for me.

So with all that said, what do I do? I push the end of the stalk, then tap on the wiper card button for one of the manual speeds, and adjust as necessary. Works, but PITA and I agree with @gllivyl that not everything benefits from overarching technology. I feel the same about some of the recent firmware idiosyncrasies introduced in 8.5 for TACC, but that’s another thread.

bpatter123 | 13/04/2019

But you have nudged into an idea I'd like: A Voice Command to allow the left thumb wheel to be used as an adjuster for, say, 10 seconds for : auto wiper sensitivity; cabin temp; Cruise Control follow Distance; Navigation Voice volume; Left Mirror; Right Mirror. The sequence would be: - hold R scroll button, speak "adjust cabin temperature", use L scroll button up or down in next ten seconds.

SalisburySam | 13/04/2019

@bpatter123, couldn’t agree more! I think the steering wheel controls are underutilized and even opening up the wipers card should enable at least one of the wheels to adjust wiper performance. Thanks for mentioning this.