Interesting HOV sticker locations

Interesting HOV sticker locations

I see plenty of Telsa Model 3s with California HOV stickers. Almost all of them have their HOV stickers placed correctly, but it's fun to see the cases of bad placement. While in my kitchen just now, a black Model 3 passed by, and it's the best one to date: a purple HOV sticker was placed on the right rear quarter panel window (the one that thieves break to open the rear seat so that they can view the contents of the trunk). In addition to being placed incorrectly, if a thief smashes the window, they'll lose the HOV sticker.

wiscy67 | 13/04/2019

Man those purple stickers are ugly. There's got to be a better way to show permission to operate solo in HOV lanes.

Mediumed | 13/04/2019

The locations that New York State wants you to put (no less than) 4 stickers on your car are ridiculous. All of them on your paint. I know there are backings available as to not damage the paint but I find this to be so unbelievably ugly and invasive that I didn't put them on my car after applying and receiving the stickers. I know in California it is so advantageous to use the HOV lane that people are kind of forced to apply the stickers but there has got to be a better way.

Daryl | 13/04/2019

Nice that in Arizona it is a special license plate, no stickers.

dgstan | 13/04/2019

I put one on the small passenger-side rear window and one in the lower passenger side of the rear glass. Maybe it was me you saw! Looks WAY better with just the small ones in the windows.

No way I'm putting stickers onto the paint. Never have, never will. This is how I did it on two different Priuses and never had a problem.

If the sticker gets damaged, you contact the DMV and they can send a new one.

lunde | 13/04/2019

@dgstan Did you happen to drive along Glenview Drive in San Jose earlier today?

Shesmyne2 | 13/04/2019

OP I also find it somewhat humorous to see the creativity of sticker placement. In Bay Area.
Daryl- one would think most states would do the same. Such a simple great idea.

Still Grinning ;-)

dgstan | 13/04/2019

lunde - No, that wasn't me, although I am in the general SJ area. Seems we've got a copy-cat in our midst.

And reading comprehension just kicked in. My car is white, not black. I also happen to think the purple stickers look ok, even on blue. The only color they really clash with is red.

lunde | 14/04/2019

My wife's M3D is red, and we applied for HOV stickers in early January. She accidentally received the red HOV stickers. I contacted the DMV, and while they offered to exchange them, my wife opted for the red stickers due to the clash. She is aware that it means one less year of use, but we expect to be in the Mount Shasta area by then, with only occasional visits to the Bay Area.

dgstan | 14/04/2019

Here's a snapshot of where I put the stickers. I've had yellow, green, and now purple sticker over the last 14 years.

Back in the yellow days, there were reports of people vandalizing or trying to steal the stickers and they would end up causing damage to the bumper when they tried to remove them. I thought it would be better to put them on the glass so would-be sticker-haters could just scrape them off.

As a result of putting the small stickers here, I have two large yellow ones, two large green ones, and two large purple stickers left over.

Kevin.Tesla | 14/04/2019

I got my purple one, but it's too ugly to be put on. lol.

CST | 14/04/2019

I don't mind the purple on my MSM. Plus, its kind of like saying, "hey, I drive clean MFs!"

sky-pilot | 18/06/2019

@dgstan | April 14, 2019
Here's a snapshot of where I put the stickers. I've had yellow, green, and now purple sticker over the last 14 years.

And no CHiPie has stopped you for using those locations? Impressive. I'm still waiting for mine.

Los Angeles | 18/06/2019

Anyone figured out a way to put them on in a way that you can take them on and off. I rarely need to use them but would be nice. I know magnets would not work but something like that.

lordmiller | 18/06/2019

I refused to put those stickers on my paint. This is what I did and so far so good, drive in HOV everyday.

EAPme | 18/06/2019

I've seen some "unique" placement too. Here are some examples:

- large stickers on rear and front, with small ones on rear quarter panels (basically swapped positions)
- small stickers placed on the wrong sides (left rear+front right)
- one large sticker on the rear license plate - easily the worst I've seen

The purple decals just seem to make everything more pronounced.

bradbomb | 18/06/2019

With my Red Stickers, I bought the PPF Film cutouts of the stickers so they are on PPF and then that is placed on the car. THose should be easy to remove without residue when its 2022

casun | 18/06/2019

i attached my stickers to magnets so i can take them on and off, however, it does require some interesting placement since not all parts are metal.

Zztops | 18/06/2019

Put mine on magnets.

Attach the large rears on the body just above the bumper line on both side.
One small rear on the trunk lid right next the dual motor badge
One small on the front left fender just above the bumper line.
Pass by CHP regularly with no issues and use express lane and bay bridge carpool as well

JayM | 18/06/2019

Velcro mounts (fuzzy side) on protection film:

liz27animas | 18/06/2019

I saw one man placed the large purple sticker next to his license plate in the middle of the trunk...Looked horrible. I only have 2 on my car (ticket waiting to happen...I know but they're so fugly) and my husband placed them as low as he could so they're still visible but not as eye catching as the middle of your trunk ;)

bermuc | 18/06/2019

@Los Angeles
Didnt test whether it sticks, but you could get a thin magnet sheet put the sticker on it and slap it on the car whenever you want to.

Los Angeles | 18/06/2019

what magnet sheet did you guys use?

jd4714 | 19/06/2019

The HOV stickers in FL are rectangular so I took a photo of it and had Shutterfly make a magnet. Magnet was free, just had to pay shipping.

pmccoub | 22/06/2019

This seems like the best removable solution to the hideous but valuable HOV sticker to me. They're static cling vinyl so no adhesive, like the old Colorforms toy. I was considering magnetic strips as well but you'd have to stick them to the steel parts of the Model 3 which unfortunately don't include the bumpers.

rainismine | 08/07/2019

@pmccoub - Have you tried this clean cling product? It looks exactly like what I was hoping for. The website says "Reusable dozens of times" - does that mean you're SOL after that? I assume you can't reapply to a new sheet of clean cling.