Overnight chargeing

Overnight chargeing

Hey everyone i have been charging to around 90% over night on a 110 outlet. I was getting 258 of charge. This morning i had 256 m of charge. Should I anticipate this to continue?

bob | 14/04/2019

change your range setting to percent. You won't obsess over it nearly as much. When the battery is new it is common to see a drop. That'll level off. Look for the Tesla Stats app for your phone. It does a good job of aggregating data and will show if your battery is different from the rest of us.

bp | 14/04/2019

There are a couple of factors that will impact the reported charge level.

First, the reported charge is measured across thousand's of small batteries, the number reported is an estimate of how much charge is available - and can have some variance.

While parked, there will be some charge consumed to operate the onboard electronics and maintain the battery pack within it's safe range. Once charging is completed, the vehicle will slowly lose charge until the charging system decides to kick in again and charge back up to the desired level.

Tesla may also make adjustments in the amount of distance travelled per KWh, which could result in some variance or a sustained change.

If it's only a few miles of projected range, don't worry - you could be within typical variance.

Battery packs will lose some range over time, though the Tesla packs have held up pretty well over extended periods, based on experience with S/X battery packs over the last 6+ years.

ajdelange | 19/04/2019

I have observed a slight increase in the estimated 100% range from 292 to 294 mi since I got the car in late December. I, rightly or wrongly, attribute this to the warming weather.

jjgunn | 19/04/2019

Yes this will continue until you have less than 5 miles of range left in a 90% battery.

Just messing with you. >;-}

You're charging at 110/120v. That's really slow so battery health will be just fine.

Good thoughts above too.

joebarna | 23/04/2019

Trying to charge the Model X from midnight to 4AM, So far no luck. I set the on board SW to start charging at 12. In the morning there had been no charging at all! Obviously I am doing something wrong. Help?

jimglas | 23/04/2019

was your car properly plugged in?

Vawlkus | 24/04/2019

Double check your am and pm setting. I went for midnight and got noon the first time I tried it. :P
Switched to 1am and that solved it. :D