Bought in March 2019 Make 2018

Bought in March 2019 Make 2018

I bought my model 3 month March 5 2019. No one ever told me that car is model 2018 as it is made in Dec 2018. The title says Model 2018. Anyone else has similar experience. Will impact when I sell my car?

Lonestar10_1999 | 16/04/2019

If you are unhappy for any reason, you can return it for a full refund in the first 7 days of ownership. Maybe this is the leverage you need to get a price break. Otherwise, just enjoy the car and faggetaboutit :-)

Magic 8 Ball | 16/04/2019

It may impact your selling price depending on when you sell. Sometimes earlier year builds of a particular model resell for higher than follow on years. Of course now that we are already a third thru 2019 you should return it and wait until the 2020 comes out so you get maximum resell leverage.

stephenfootball | 16/04/2019


Mikael13 | 16/04/2019

@ sananpx

I bought my car 3/14/19 and my car is a 12/2018 build too. Awesome car! Loving everything about it. No difference than the 2019 model. Even got a discount since it was a 2018 model in inventory. Enjoy it!

If you want, you can return it and wait in line again I guess. But, why are you even thinking about the re-sale value? Go and hit that accelerator and have fun!

ODWms | 16/04/2019

I thought you can only return 7 days after purchase. Has something changed?

crmedved | 16/04/2019

@ODWms, 7 days after delivery, if you have never test driven a M3. Otherwise, 1 day after delivery.

@sananpx look at your final price sheet on your MVPA. You didn't receive any price adjustments? It also says it is a 2018 on the MVPA you signed :( I also purchased a Dec 2018 build in March and I got $300 off even though it only had 15 miles. My sales person was up front about it though.

As for resell, it's really hard to say. Usually, the reason people care about model year is because newer model years are generally better with other manufacturers (or at least, I assume that's why they care). This isn't true with Tesla. A dec 2018 car is the exact same as a March 2019 car, which is why I didn't sweat it. They do small improvements through out the year and just stick to the manufacturer date for the model year.

terminator9 | 16/04/2019

If you go to a used car lot and there are two same exact cars for 2017 and 2018, which one would you buy? Apply the same concept to when you sell your car.

crmedved | 16/04/2019

@terminator9 I would care more about miles. And then yes, if they had comparable mileage and cosmetic condition, I would go with the "newer" one, because why not.

Magic 8 Ball | 16/04/2019


Winner winner chicken dinner.

rfpmoxie | 16/04/2019

On a post last week I indicated that I took delivery of LR AWD ($53K) on March 30, 2019 and noticed the title/door jamb both indicated mfd 12/2018 and the car is a 2018. This was never made known to me. I called on the 8th day and about 8 hours later I was told that I would receive $4500. The check came by Fedex 4 days later. I see no reason unless you were advised that it was/is a 2018 that you shouldn't also prevail. I'm in MA and the $4500 got me below $50K and a $1500 refund is now coming from the state EV program. In actuality, the insurance is less on a "year old!!! " car and so is the state excise tax. As 2018/2019 are exactly the same the styling isn't "dated" and software updates cover the hardware; thus, mileage will very likely be the determinant for re-sale. Good luck!