Zero charge overnight.

Zero charge overnight.

So... interesting thing happened. My 2018 MS 75D didn't charge overnight for the first time since I've owned it. In the morning, the car did not respond when leaving the pedal pressed down for up to a minute. Had to do a reset to get it going and that's when I figured out it must have gone into a deep sleep at some point and didn't charge. Fun times the next day supercharging!

Anyone else experience this?

Chunky Jr. | 17/04/2019

Did you somehow change the scheduled charge time?

BPSoCal | 17/04/2019

@chunky -Not at all. The next night it charged normally.

It seemed to have gone into shutdown mode - I couldn’t “wake” it with the app the next morning.

ann | 18/04/2019

I’ve had this happen to me twice. The first time, I needed HV contacts in the battery pack, which was free under warranty, but is a several day repair. Not sure what happened the second time.

kerryglittle | 19/04/2019

Is it possible your cable wasn't seated properly? Or if your hydro blipped off in the middle of the night that might interrupt the schedule too. Never had that happen to me so cant say from experience.

murphyS90D | 19/04/2019

A power failure will stop charging. There is a restart protocol built in to all EVSEs so that all cars that were charging don't try to come online at the same time. If my memory is correct it can take up to a half hour for the pseudo-random restart of all affected EVSEs.

Bighorn | 19/04/2019

A power interruption can foil scheduled charging though. Otherwise, my sense is that charging restarts immediately upon restoration of power.

BPSoCal | 19/04/2019

@kerry - it’s definitely possible. My 10 yo insists on “juicing up” the car and loves hooking it up. Usually not a problem but I should check from now on.

@Murphy/@Bighorn - we didn’t have a power interruption. The reason I know is because the clock on my VCR... oh, wait.

kerryglittle | 20/04/2019

Ah the dreaded VCR clock.. Now its the damn microwave..LOL.