Sentry Mode activated by skateboarder riding by?

Sentry Mode activated by skateboarder riding by?

I got out of the gym and saw on my phone the Sentry Mode and Car Alarm activation alerts. I ran to my car but didn't see any windows broken or anything that would tell me it was broken into. So I went home and plugged in my USB drive and backtracked to the time the notification showed up. From the rear left view, I only saw a skateboarder casually riding by my car about 3-5 feet from my car. And from the rear right view, I saw two people all of a sudden turning around to look towards my car, which I assume is when the alarm got triggered. I combed through the previous and next 10 minutes or so and found nothing.

I'm wondering if anyone has had a false alarm like this before? Is Sentry Mode always this sensitive?

Kary993 | 19/04/2019

As I understand it, if sentry mode is enabled, and anything moves near the car, it let's you know it is now focused on a movement. If there were an actual attack on the car you would be seeing more alerts that don't just say activated.

Yesterday I received an alert like yours and I could see my car. It was a guy parking his car next to mine. Where I park in an under ground structure where there is no internet access, it also happens with warning but looking at the SSD drive there are many activations as car whip around the parking structure all day.

finman100 | 19/04/2019

I've never seen any Sentry alerts on my phone app. Yes, I have Sentry activated every time i leave the car.

Yes, when i review footage i see all kinds of cars and people and what not driving/walking by. No alerts but plenty of footage indicating Sentry mode is being triggered enough to record.

Does an actual impact to the car need to happen before an alert comes to the phone app? Am I missing a setting somewhere to receive these?

Teslanene | 19/04/2019

You guys should mess around with your car with Bluetooth off and see what triggers those alerts or how sensitive it is.

way88 | 19/04/2019

I get that for you guys Sentry Mode is activated and the camera starts recording, but for me, there was an additional alert that said my alarm actually went off. In official Tesla terms, this means the car switched from "Alert" state to "Alarm" state. I was wondering how that's possible if it's just a skateboarder riding by.

Kary993 | 19/04/2019

@ Teslanene - am . not sure what bluetooth has to do with it when I am miles away and get an activation. I think it is performing exactly as the manual describes.

@way88 - have have only had alerts and not alarms so can't be much help here. I can only guess that the skateboarder actually touched the car when going by causing the car to think it may be assaulted.

Magic 8 Ball | 19/04/2019

It didn't like the vibe?

wiboater4 | 20/04/2019

Maybe even the noise of the skateboard might have triggered it or as said above maybe he pushed off of the car going by?

wiboater4 | 20/04/2019

I had a friend try and set off my sentry mode. I went about 500 feet away. Had him try the door handles and he rocked the car but all the car did was flash the lights. I got no notification and no alarm went off on the car . Only the headlight flash. We pulled the USB drive and it did video him. So I came home and found a YOU TUBE video where a guy tried to activate Sentry on a model S he was able to get it to go off but it took quite a bit. When you think about it you wouldn't want to have it go off to easily . You'd be running out to your car all day.

rxlawdude | 20/04/2019

It's never good to go off too easily. ;-)

TAC | 20/04/2019

“Skate or die ; dude!”