GPS Controlled Side View Mirror Setup

GPS Controlled Side View Mirror Setup

I am glad to receive the GPS controlled side view fold/unfold feature in 2019.8.5, however, I can't nail down how to fold and unfold the mirrors at the same location in front of my garage door. They fold in front of the garage door before driving in as intended, but they unfold almost a half block away when driving out of the garage. I tried reprogramming the location to unfold closer to the fold location but can't get it to work. And I don't use the option to link the operation with Homelink as this caused the mirrors to unfold before pulling out of the garage. Anyone have the secret for successfully programming this setting? By the way I rebooted, but this did not help.

murphyS90D | 20/04/2019

I suspect that the car loses GPS lock while in your garage. It can't do a GPS controlled function until it reacquires at least 4 satellites. Try backing out of the garage and stopping for the length of time it takes to drive that half a block. If the mirrors unfold at that point it proves my suspicion.

dougk71 | 20/04/2019

Same problem here. I just let the mirrors fold when entering the garage then back out with them folded and then use the main screen to unfold them. There is an issue in that the homelink works perfectly both opening and closing the garage door in the driveway. The mirrors are not linked to the garage door homelink and fold as wanted on the driveway on upon entering but don't unfold until blocks away if left to work automatically. Linking the mirrors to the garage door results in them getting unfolded in the garage.

EVRider | 20/04/2019

I have my mirrors associated with HomeLink, and I have the same issue: they fold when I open the garage, as expected, but don’t unfold when I close the garage until I’ve driven down the street. I don’t know if it matters, but I have HomeLink set to open my garage automatically, but I close it manually.

This works the same way in both our Model S and Model 3.

sentabo | 20/04/2019

dougk71 the button on your door to unfold the mirrors might be easier than using the screen.

As far as the GPS association goes, I can't comment. I'm still waiting for the update.

sr.smr | 20/04/2019

@murphyS90D, clever suggestion! I'll wait in front of my garage as you suggested to verify if the theory works. I never realized the requirement for four satellite communications.

If it doesn't open after waiting, I'll still be happy that it works, even if it is further than expected. I value the feature because there is no need to remember closing the mirrors before entering my narrow garage. Before this upgrade, I forgot to close the mirrors and hit the garage causing a mirror to get scuffed. I was lucky that all it needed was lots of elbow grease with a good polish to eliminate the scuff marks.

EVRider | 21/04/2019

I’ve tried waiting in my driveway to see if the mirrors would unfold after a certain period of time, but they don’t. Since in my case the unfolding is tied to HomeLink rather than a location, I don’t see why they wouldn’t unfold as soon as I close the garage.

murphyS90D | 21/04/2019

My ancient Garmin GPS would do a 2D sync with 2 satellites but required 3 satellites to get a 3D sync. My newer Garmin with a color screen doesn't want to do anything until it has synced with 4 satellites. I don't know what chip Tesla uses but assume it is a modern one and probably needs 4 satellites.

dougk71 | 21/04/2019

The number of GPS satellites in the constellation has vastly expanded from the time you were lucky if three were visible from your location. You always need three to get an unambiguous position. 4 gives you altitude as well as lat long. Today you'd be unlucky not to see a dozen.

sabuson | 22/04/2019

The behavior hasn't changed in 2019.8.6 either. Unfolds at correct location and timing as Homelink garage door open. However, doesn't unfold when Homelink closes door. Looks like unfold happens due to speed or distance traveled irrespective of GPS. Only a minor distraction(at least for me as it unfolds at the end of the driveway), so probably a low priority for software update. But coming soon...

EVRider | 22/04/2019

@sabuson: You must have a long driveway.

sr.smr | 23/04/2019

I tried the suggestion to wait after pulling out of the garage for the mirrors to unfold, but it remained folded. As soon I traveled about a half block away, the mirrors unfolded at the same location it had always unfolded. Called Tesla and they had me reboot, but this had no effect. I'll ask my service center to provide a more accurate answer.

EVRider | 23/04/2019

@sr.smr: Don’t bother calling Service about this, it’s a firmware issue and there’s nothing they can do about it

sr.smr | 23/04/2019

Thanks EVRider!

jkrauss | 27/04/2019

I just posted a question, but can't find the page it was on.

I have a 2016 S AP1. I was asking when I would get the download (if I can) update that would allow me to have auto-folding mirrors based on location. My software is 9.0 (20128.50.6 4eco3ed).


jkrauss | 27/04/2019

Whoops, typo: should be 9.0 (2018.50.6 4eco3ed).

EVRider | 28/04/2019

@jkrauss: I replied in the other thread where you asked about this. You’ll get the update at some point, but no one can say when. You improve your chances if your car is connected to WiFi when parked.

dougk71 | 28/04/2019

"I’ve tried waiting in my driveway to see if the mirrors would unfold after a certain period of time, but they don’t. Since in my case the unfolding is tied to HomeLink rather than a location, I don’t see why they wouldn’t unfold as soon as I close the garage."
The mirrors when linked to Homelink should happen at the same time the garage door is activated. To have them unfold someplace else seems confusing and might be somewhat unsafe. I have to bring up the screen to manually force the unfolding when backing out of the garage. Ironically is doesn't matter much if the mirrors fold when driving toward the garage and before the door opens but unfolded mirrors add to safety when reversing.

Yodrak. | 28/04/2019

FFS, there's a button that folds or unfolds the mirrors any time you want, you don't even have to roll down your window and reach your hand out.

Also, I've heard that having self-actuating mirrors 'your way' is a future FSD feature, to be implemented when steering wheels are no longer required and the car is going to decide everything for you anyway. :-)

EVRider | 29/04/2019

@dougk71: Why are you using the touchscreen to unfold your mirrors? Did you not know there’s a button on the door armrest to do that? If you didn’t know, it’s time to review the owner’s manual and see what you don’t know. :-)

dougk71 | 29/04/2019

The issue isn't so much as to how manual intervention occurs but that it is needed at all. The garage door opens and closes in my driveway. Upon returning my mirrors fold in the driveway about 1 second before the garage door opens. However when reversing out the garage door closes in the driveway then a minute or two later and a block away the mirror unfolds.
It is just unpleasant and needs addressing. Just send the fold/unfold command at the same time as the Homelink command when the fold/unfold is linked to Homelink.

EVRider | 29/04/2019

@dougk71: I agree with you 100%, but you specifically said you used the touchscreen to unfold the mirrors, and I'm wondering why? On my wife's Model 3, you have to use the touchscreen, so getting the new auto fold feature was especially useful there.

dougk71 | 29/04/2019

Not all are ambidextrous. If you live in the USA and say are left handed then when reversing it is the go to hand to have on the wheel. Which hand on the wheel often is chosen if reversing involves a turn. It is not that things can't be done other ways it is just the screen is also the go to place for most things. Sure there are Mercedes type buttons that duplicate the screen function and can be more convenient. There is no science here just that some prefer one way over another most often.

EVRider | 29/04/2019

@dougk71: I’m not buying your explanation. I think you didn’t know about the mirror fold button on the armrest and you’re too embarrassed to admit it. :-)

No one would choose to manipulate the touchscreen while moving backwards (and turning no less) rather than stopping for a moment (if you even needed to) and pressing the button. Nice try though.

Yodrak. | 29/04/2019

"I’m not buying your explanation."

Same here, the guy needs some driving instruction.

dougk71 | 29/04/2019

There is a difference between conjecture and observation. Conjecture means you have no idea of my driveway yet can reach conclusions about another persons driving skill.
What is next are you going to diagnose another persons ability to shoot hoops based on their responses on a bulletin board?
By the way I did know about the button and you seem to make the obvious ( the button) as a profound discovery. Do you know that the electrons in your car have intrinsic angular momentum of 1/2?
Do you know that electrons have wave functions that are anti commutative? Absent these properties your car would never work.
Do you need some driving instruction if you didn't know this ( the basic reason EV's work)?

dougk71 | 29/04/2019

Further I never said I didn't stop before using the screen to unfold the mirrors. Again inventing reasons to try to diminish and divert from the issue of when mirrors fold/unfold has minimal value.
I sure wish others would study Quantum Mechanics and understand the uncertainty principle before being certain about things you did not observe.

sr.smr | 30/04/2019

I hear ya @dougk71. It is a shame that some of the responses to a simple observation become downright rude on this forum. We all understand the issue is that the mirrors work fine on folding but have a quirk that causes them to unfold at a location further than programmed. And it is understood that there are several alternatives to unfold mirrors. We just want Tesla to be aware of it so they continue to make the best car possible, and if someone is aware of a work-around, that they share their knowledge to all our benefit.

dougk71 | 01/05/2019

The see no evil hear no evil posters aren't helping Tesla. Most of us want improvements made so we feel secure in recommending buying a Tesla to others. When Tesla fixes issues the value in our purchase is enhanced.
Diminishing the owner who raises an issue discourages some from recommending a Tesla to others.
Frankly I expected that those who could spent $100,000 on a Tesla would be more judicious. Sadly that is not true of everyone.

averza3 | 06/05/2019

Anyone know if this auto folding mirror function will work on a 2015 or 2016 model S that I’m thinking about buying used? My garage door width is about 90” wide and after researching I would only have 1-2” to spare on each side of the car pulling in and backing out.

EVRider | 07/05/2019

As long as the car has power folding mirrors, the feature should work. Model S didn’t always have power folding mirrors, and I don’t know when they were added. A 2016 S definitely has them, but check the 2015 to make sure.

BarryQ | 07/05/2019

My 2015 (VIN 76XXX) has them, and I think they were around quite a bit before then.