19 inch snow tires.

19 inch snow tires.

I have 4 19 inch snow tires with perhaps 2 winters worth of tread and 4 Tesla carriers for them. Anyone interested in buying these make me an offer. Chicago, northern Indiana area.

David Trushin | 21/04/2019


Silver2K | 22/04/2019

I think it would be a great idea if you posted the tread depth on each tire, because no one knows how hard you drove on those tires and how many miles you put in them.

Silver2K | 22/04/2019


David Trushin | 25/04/2019

Yes it is. Turns out that the tread is marginal, 1/8 inch on the one I measured. so if anyone wants 4 Tesla tire carriers, make me an offer and you can have the tires for free if you want them.

amit.pec | 06/05/2019

Hi David,
I just emailed you. Please respond to me and we can talk further if wheels and tires are still available. Thanks