Newest update keeps freezing noa

Newest update keeps freezing noa

I had gotten the update with noa and no confirmation lane change and it worked great. Then last week I got another update 2019.12 which did not add any new features, now when I took a trip with noa it froze up I had to reboot 3 times while driving on a 200 mile trip. Help, anyone else have this problem or know what I can do to fix it. Annoying and a bit scary.

rsrivast | 22/04/2019

same here 2019.12. 2018 MS AP 2.5. Gave to reset while driving, not a good sign.

GeorgeS85D | 29/04/2019

I have 2019 8.5 and since I got it I have been having issues with the screen rebooting by it self and sometimes it freezes and I have to reboot it. I was hoping 12 will fix it but it doesn't sound like it.