Downgrade from SR+ to SR

Downgrade from SR+ to SR

I initially ordered a SR, but had subsequently changed to and received a SR+. The main reason is leather seats.

With the Apr 11 announcement and the changes wrt the SR, I found this statement from "anyone who has already bought Standard Plus and wants to convert to Standard is welcome to do so, and we will provide a refund for the difference in cost".

So... I emailed support, and got this reply "Thank you for contacting Tesla! Currently we are only keeping track of customers who are interested in the downgrade, and once this data has been gathered, we will be reaching out in order to have written consent. I am unable to speculate on any additional information as it is currently not available. At this time we are only gathering requests for customers who are interested in this downgrade, and be assured that nothing will be done without your consent."

Anyone thinks Tesla will actually honor the promise?

Lonestar10_1999 | 22/04/2019

I don’t see how that is possible since the SR is discontinued.

lbowroom | 22/04/2019

I was once skeptical that Tesla would honor Elon's posts that the P3D- would receive $5,000 back for giving up Free Supercharging and that the P3D- would get Track Mode. However, they did eventually make good on both those pledges.(even though some customer service agents disagreed)

So yes, I think they will honor that promise.

jimglas | 22/04/2019

SR is available, just not on the website. In person or by phone only

lbowroom | 22/04/2019

It's basically a software locked SR+ with free vegan leather for $35k, right?

jimglas | 22/04/2019

I'd take that deal!

xtcTesla | 22/04/2019

Remember they can lock down software upgrades but they can't disable your 12 way adjustable seats.
They can disable my fog lights and I'll run power source for it and put in a toggle switch.
Same goes for the speakers, the ones that are disabked, I'll find a workaround because hw wise, those speakers are still there but just not activated.

FremontDave | 22/04/2019

@lbowroom - From same article: "Its range will be limited by 10%, and several features will be disabled via software (including our onboard music streaming service, navigation with live traffic visualization, and heated seats)."

@jimglas - That's why I emailed support.

It is odd that I don't see anyone on this forum talking about receiving a SR yet...

jimglas | 22/04/2019

I dont see how they could limit the electric seat adjustment without freezing them, so thats prbably a freebee also

FremontDave | 22/04/2019

@xtcTesla - Good point about the seats. But they can take away the profiles, and that's half the benefits for me cos my wife and I share the car.

xtcTesla | 22/04/2019

@ fremontdave
Battery range is limited but batteries are still there just charge up to 100% and essentially it's still 90% but limited by there software restriction.
Theres lots of work arounds, if you think about it.
Prolly one of the reasons , they got rid of it.

xtcTesla | 22/04/2019

@fremontdave taking away profiles would be insane, that would mean, only one person could drive it.
But who knows as an automakers, they run it like a person who has ADHD.
Don't get me wrong, I love the vehicle and can't wait to get it but as far as how they run a business, it's no different than supply and demand with a crack dealer.
Once I eventually get the vehiclle, I hope I never have to deal with them again.

Magic 8 Ball | 22/04/2019

Give up heated seats are you meshuggeneh?

lbowroom | 22/04/2019

xtc, why would taking away profiles mean only one person can drive it? Not that I think they will or should, but the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel can still be adjusted manually.

xtcTesla | 22/04/2019

It's just more convenient to have profiles rather than having to manually reset everything.
Plus the simplicity of walking up to the car and it knows it's me.
Removing the profiles would be going back in time. Crap my 11 year old Beemer convertible has at least 2 profiles.

jimglas | 22/04/2019

wouldnt make sense to remove the profiles. I cant remember a car I have owned in the last decade that didnt allow at least 2 profiles. (except my old wrangler)

FremontDave | 22/04/2019

Well... When's the last time you own a car with no AM radio?! Just saying... ; p

jjgunn | 22/04/2019

Get a rebate & hack your Tesla!

This reminds me when I added Bluetooth to my SmartTV & turned it into a 3D TV

lbowroom | 22/04/2019

XTC, of course it's more convenient and you want it, so do I. Doesn't make it impossible. Also, even with multiple profiles it doesn't recognize you when you approach. You have to select your profile on screen after you get in

bhea2d | 23/04/2019

I got similar information from a chat. They took my info. to convert from a SR+ to an SR. I originally wanted the SR but went with a SR+ when they mislead on the SR details. I am glad the are owning up to the this. With their advertising going from a handful of suckups on Youtube trying to get free cars to friends/neighbors pitching their Teslas for a couple of bucks worth of free SC, it would be a pretty big self inflicted wound to scorn the orginal SR+ buyers.

jimglas | 23/04/2019

I don't really understand what your complaint is?

xtcTesla | 23/04/2019

Thanks for clearing that up for me.
I just assumed
But don't ya think it makes sense, if I'm walking up with my phone, it should recognize me.

mstoer | 23/04/2019

Can anyone confirm that a downgraded SR+ (ie SR) has driver profiles that include full, seat adjustment and standard maps/navigation? I've contacted my local service adviser and am trying to figure out what the actual differences are.

The music streaming and live traffic was never a SR+ feature, so I am not sure why that is listed as part of the downgrade to SR.

wiscy67 | 23/04/2019

A user in the tesla owners forum claims to have received the SR downgrade but maintained heated seats among other features. I'd be curious to hear from users here what the impact was. Less range, power, loss of heated seats, fewer audio features, etc. ? $2k plus tax difference credited to your account?

I think I'm comfortable keeping the SR+ intact.

gordon_r_benson | 23/04/2019

There are no SR's yet for those of you who keep asking. If you buy an SR today, they give you a SR+ that will be software crippled 'at a later date'. This means they could still be trying to figure out what exactly to cripple (or what new feature to give the SR+) that will better differentiate the SR from the SR+ and make people want to just go with the SR+.

lbowroom | 23/04/2019

XTC- yes, it would be great if it worked that way. However Bluetooth radio is too omnidirectional and long range to differentiate between 2 possible signals for the same car. Ie, a husband and wife being near the car together, the car can't tell for sure who is nearest the driver door. This could work with near field communication like the key cards, but tesla doesn't do that either.

Russell.K.Smith | 24/04/2019

I just pick up my SR April 19. 2019 and to my surprise it was SR+ with Vegan leather seats and 12 way adjustment and all the speakers, no sub-woofer, it does have the center console. When I took it home I charged it up to 239 miles because the next day was a rode trip. Everything worked just fine except the delivery team did not put four screws into the temporary tag. I had 240 miles for the trip, then this past Monday the software was changed and now I only have 220 miles range, no auto pilot. I have an IPhone 5 and used blue tooth and I can play music from You Tube that I listen too and it sounds great in the car. Since I do not have auto pilot I am having problems with the cruise control, I double tap the gear handle and it holds just fine and I can adjust the speed on the steering wheel, the only problem is how do put it back into cruise control if I hit the brakes. Do I have to I have to start all over again, no resume?

mstoer | 24/04/2019

To engage TACC you pull the right level fully down (page 67 of the manual). You do not double tap it. Double tapping engages Autosteer. Just do it once, fully down and it will set the speed to the one listed in the center above the car avatar in a grey circle. It worked like that for me just fine without autopilot. So to resume, just pull down once again. I have the SR+ and now have Autopilot/summon on trial, but have never used it, since my driving is about 95% of the time on city streets. The 15-20 minutes I am on the highway aren't worth using Autopilot.

FremontDave | 24/04/2019

@Russell.K.Smith After 240->220 range change, do you still have 12-way adjustment and different user profiles?

badaoui51 | 24/04/2019

I received the Standard Range (standard range + with software locks on certain features).
Those extra features I have not noticed them, as I was never intending to use them in the first place.

To me, this is a car where I don't have to pay for petrol any more. Anything else is just a bonus...

gordon_r_benson | 24/04/2019

Badaoui, does your heated seats turn on? So far I hadn't heard of anyone who ordered a SR actually receiving a SR. Everyone was still getting a SR+ that would have features disabled at some future date.

Rt002k | 24/04/2019

@xtcTesla - FWIW, my wife's 2018 fully loaded Subaru Crosstrek doesn't have seat memories.

xtcTesla | 24/04/2019

Even if they limit the range, I would fully charge it to 100% cuz essentially it would be at 90%. The physical battery is still there in both models.
As much as it would suck, if and prolly will disable the heated seats.i will just buy a heated seat pad.
Fog lamps should be able to Jerry rig with a power source and toggle switch.
Somebody else hacked the foot well lights and a diy.
Speaker deletion should be easily fixed and I git a bazooka subwoofer I can tie into the system.
I'm glad I downgraded now. To go back to AP is the price difference now , as I have been told. So I can pay $47 cdn now for Sr , 53 for SR+
Or get SR pay $6 more to get AP which would bring it back to 53. Prices in cdn.

lordmiller | 24/04/2019

You lose the subwoofer and the amps. Why would you ruin your Model 3 with new wiring and a toggle switch. Just get the fully loaded model. Stop this stupid nonsense!

xtcTesla | 24/04/2019

My understanding there is no subwoofer in the SR+ either.
If I'm saving, $2500 I'll do the workarounds, because i won't be reselling it.

mstoer | 24/04/2019

Here is the response I received today from my owner advisor:

"Essentially, you will be taking delivery of a Standard Range Plus. After delivery, you will receive a software update that will limit some functionality of your Model 3.

The vehicle will limit the range to 354 KM and turn off the heated seats and deactivate the immersive sound. You will have the partial premium interior and LED fog lights. "

So it seems we paid $2700 extra for heated front seats, immersive audio and about 33km more range. Not too pleased right now and I am letting them know that.

mstoer | 24/04/2019

Failed to mention that was $2,700 CDN, just in case someone wonders.

xtcTesla | 24/04/2019

You can buy alot of heated seat pads for $2700 plus tax, mate
Frim what I read some ppl said they hardly seen a difference with or without immersive sound and others said, only difference they saw is with different music.
As for the 32km loss, I learned with my PHEV, once I got better at driving it, I learned how to max range.
So in my case, I'll pay $3000 less

mstoer | 24/04/2019

We opted for the "partial premium" package, primarily because of the premium materials, the 12 way adjustable seats and the full center console. Now those are included features. Very disappointing.

xtcTesla | 24/04/2019

I did the same thing. But I also downgraded today to the SR.

The million dollar question is: who actually physically have a SR with clothe seats. If they do I'd like to see pics.

I believe it never exists and this was a tactic to upsell and to please the ppl that said he couldn't make a 35k EV. So unless I see pics, he didn't full fill the promise and it was all bs.

lbowroom | 24/04/2019

The $35k model was available to order for a month. Not enough orders were placed to make it worthwhile to produce. Those they did order one will get a car for $35k. It will be an SR+ with reduced features. How does that not fulfill the promise? Why does it have to have cloth in toy mind?

wiscy67 | 24/04/2019

The question is what are the reduced features? My neighbor's $35k SR (not plus) was just ordered and will arrive this Sunday. I'll be able to compare to my $37k SR+. It's not clear if any of his features in place upon arrival might be deactivated later, however. He was told he would have power heated front seats, vegan leather just like SR+ but with range reduced via software to 220 miles.

gordon_r_benson | 25/04/2019

To my knowledge there are no actual SR's in the wild yet. The software to cripple them doesn't exist yet (at least in production) and the Tesla elves are still working on what gets disabled and what (if anything) gets added to the SR+. I am on 'the list' for a downgrade, but of course will want to see what actually gets turned off before doing it. Hoping Tesla can make enough of a differentiation between the two to where I say, "Naww, I will keep the SR+" I don't need the range, have Waze for traffic, and can live without heated seats for $2000. If they cripple acceleration more than stated (force you into Chill mode on the SR) and give the SR+the 2 A-pillar speakers back, then I'm sticking with the SR+ for sure...

lordmiller | 25/04/2019

This might be the stupidest thread I have yet to read.
@lbowroom You are correct! What's wrong with these people? If you ordered the 35k model you get extra stuff. Shut up! And if you ordered the SR+ you have what you ordered. Shut up!

TK-421 | 25/04/2019

@lbowroom, et al.... What the heck is "vegan leather"? Most leather comes from cows, sheep, goats, etc and they are all "vegan" grass eaters (with some exceptions for goats that eat anything). So, isn't all leather "vegan" by definition?
TK-421 .... 2nd order Vegetarian

talax74 | 25/04/2019

@lordmiller not sure if you're a troll.
If somebody has bought an SR+ he/she is given the opportunity by Tesla to downgrade to an SR. They should share information on how to do it and what downgrade means.
May you help me/us understanding why they should shut-up?

byho8063 | 25/04/2019

just called Tesla, they will contact me when it's available. cannot believe them but looks like we need to wait at this moments

fubsz | 08/05/2019

Is this still happening?

Иг | 08/05/2019

Sounds like money lending. You need $2k, downgrade your Tesla. Once you have enough, upgrade back.
Can this be extrapolated to a house - downgrade you house from 4 bedroom to 3 bedroom to sail rough times?