CHAdeMO for Model 3?

CHAdeMO for Model 3?

Anybody has any idea when it's going to be possible to charge on a CHAdeMO plug?
Any answer other than "Soon" appreciated.
Planning a camping trip this summer in Abitibi, no supercharger there!


jean.quilici | 08/05/2019

Please Tesla make it possible. CHAdeMO or CCS adapter (or anyting) to charge our model 3 when supercharger is not near. And speedier than a 120v plug...
Elon, err... M.Musk this is taking forever! | 08/05/2019

Would be nice, but keep in mind most CHAdeMO and CCS stations are 30-50 kW, a lot slower than 150 kW Superchargers. Still better than L2 (10kW) AC charging.

msmith55 | 08/05/2019

CHArmED seems to be obsolete dying standard and may never be supported for Tesla 3, you do have an adapter for the newer CCS which has a higher charge rate, but depends on the local charger, or try using the 240 V adapter which is frequently available at the same charger.

hokiegir1 | 08/05/2019

@msmith - "you do have an adapter for the newer CCS"

So you have a link? Because the only Model 3s I've seen capable of this are in Europe. No adapters for North American cars.

msmith55 | 08/05/2019

It's in the bag. Search for Tesla CCS for more info.

bradbomb | 08/05/2019

@msmith55 Are you thinking of the J1772 Adapter? Thats not the same thing as a CCS adapter.

msmith55 | 08/05/2019

Your right, the J1772 is not the same as CCS, I thought they were the same in U.S. as J1772 is the U.S. standard.

SteveWin1 | 08/05/2019

J1772 and CCS are related, so its an understandable mistake. CCS just has a couple DC fast charging plugs at the bottom. otherwise its the same. CCS is a pretty ugly plug. I hope something similar to Tesla's plug becomes the default plug.

juliette | 08/05/2019

Outside of the US, 220 volt is pretty common, which means that you can just plug your car in and get a reasonably fast charge (perhaps 30 miles/hour) using the charging cable that came with the car, which means you can 'fill up' overnight without even using an EV charger.

Hp.1193 | 13/07/2019



Pepperidge | 13/07/2019

"CHArmED seems to be obsolete dying standard"
China, Japan Support Unified CEC-CHAdeMO Ultra-Fast Charge Standard

Hp.1193 | 14/07/2019

Quit spamming. Ur a certified dumbass.

Hp.1193 | 14/07/2019

Quit spamming. Ur a certified dumbass.

kevin_rf | 17/07/2019

What I find insane is people like Chargepoint selling fast DC chargers in the US that don't support the lions share of the market right now.

Meet the Chargepoint 250 62kw fast DC charger with Chademo and CSS

Notice the lack of Tesla support.