Exterior Care & Cleaning

Exterior Care & Cleaning

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to ask for advice on products to use to clean the model 3. I am getting a lot of ads on social media right now about “Top Coat F11”... Honestly, I’ve never owned a car that I loved so dearly to want to wash and take care of myself. In the past I’d usually just take my vehicle to a car wash but I’m scared of the wheels being damaged by the guide rails and truthfully I’d just rather wash this car myself. Long story short I plan to care for my car at home but would love to receive any product recommendations. Thanks!

patesla | 25/04/2019

Optimum No Rinse (aka ONR) with a 2 bucket system and a top coat polish/sealant like Car Guys Hybrid Wax or Chemical Guys V7 is the way to go. A diluted solution of ONR can be used on the interior as well.

I started out using Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All, which worked well, but I ended up burning through it very fast since I live in a very dusty area. Not to mention, I decided to go commando and not get ceramic or ppf, so the dust sticks to my car like cement! Other thing I learned the hard way - don't use water straight out of the hose bibb, hard water etching is real :(

M3phan | 25/04/2019

Looks like you double posted this. ; ) As I said on your other post:
Instead of buckets, after a quick water rinse, I use a foam gun to foam entire car, let sit for a couple minutes to lift off dirt, then use multiple microfiber noodle mitts, one clean side per panel. Takes four to five mitts - that’s eight to ten clean, fresh mitt sides - to clean car. Then Rinse off, and dry with Bull Twister premium microfiber towel. Follow with 2 products: first microfiber wipe down with Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer, followed with Meguiars Ultimate Fast Finish (synthetic polymer costing-very glossy, hard glass shine). Invisible Glass for windows.