NOA Drives hogs the left lane

NOA Drives hogs the left lane

I was playing around with the NOA on the I405 in Los-Angeles, and it had a huge propensity to hog the left lane. I had the speed set to 70, and there the right lanes were more or less free. In fact, cars were passing me on the right. NOA just kept on wanting to change lanes left. When I would cancel the lance change (via touchsreen), it would just pop up with a new lane-change request. I had NOA set for no-warning, and "mild" aggressiveness level.

I hate slow cars in the left lane!

Am I experiencing something unique?

gcklo | 25/04/2019

NOA's decision is still no optimal. I have not turned on the feature to require no confirmation. Don't plan to until it is making sound decisions.

crmedved | 25/04/2019

It always gets me out of the left lane. Was it doing this for a large stretch of the highway? It is extremely persistent if it thinks it needs to be in a certain lane to follow your route... it tells you why it is changing lanes when it gives you the notification. It will move for navigation, faster lanes, or to move out of the passing lanes... it specifically tells you all 3.

It could just have some bad/old map data that makes it think you need to be in the left to follow the route.

pdet | 25/04/2019

@crmedved -- I didn't notice that it gives you a reason. I'll try it again and look for it. I presume it shows up somewhere near the same place where the screen confirmation message is.

charles.a.braun | 25/04/2019

Do you have HOV Lanes turned on in your NAV settings? NoA will certainly try to get you into the HOV lanes at all costs if that is the case. Otherwise, I have found NoA to be pretty happy as long as I am in one of the center lanes.

EVRider | 25/04/2019

I haven't seen the left lane issue, but for me NoA sometimes suggests moving out of a passing lane even though I'm still passing cars on the right. The only time NoA should suggest moving into a lane with other traffic is when you need to get in that lane to follow the route. Then there are other times when NoA should suggest a change out of the passing lane but doesn't.