Tesla wall connector with NEMA 14-50 plug?

Tesla wall connector with NEMA 14-50 plug?

Has this ever been available at the Tesla store? I can't find it anywhere:

rdclark53 | 25/04/2019

I just had a 14-50 plug installed in my garage for $220 and will use the charger cord that comes with the car.

Red_Falcon | 25/04/2019

Same as rdclark53. Use one of the local electrical contractors Tesla recommends and use the provided connector. I love it...charges at 29-30 mph. Charged in the winter time from 18% to 90% overnight (<8 hrs). Never have worried that i won't be charged up enough for the next day's traveling.

Atoms | 25/04/2019

Can’t find it on the store. There might be issues with it so they pulled it from the store. It really is not a necessary product. Get a Gen2 mobile charger kit and leave it plugged in permanently. It comes with a 14-50. It is funny they don’t have hanger for the adaptor or a way to screw it to the wall. I would want to mount it semi permanently. I’ve seen wall hooks which work fine. You also will want to buy the wall handle mount.
Plugging and unplugging repeatedly is not a good idea for high current plugs.

wiscy67 | 25/04/2019

This wall connector might not be needed. I keep my mobile connector plugged to my 14-50 receptacle and the cord is suspended by two bike hooks. I disconnect from my car's charging port and then the charge end hangs freely by the wall. It doesn't get any easier. Charges at 32 miles range per hour at 32 amps which is the max for the SR+ onboard charger.

If I had a LR then I would probably invest tin the 48 Amp wall connector to charge at 44 miles range per hour.

dr.cfriesen | 25/04/2019

Thanks for all the feedback.

IHaveArrived | 26/04/2019

@Atoms and @wiscy67: I just hang the connector on....the plug. The actual plug head is shaped so that the cord lays nicely on top of it. Doesn't seem to cause any problems, and I just assumed Tesla shaped the head that way intentionally.

SteveWin1 | 26/04/2019

The wall charger that you plug into a 14-50 was supposed to provide a faster charge than just plugging in the Gen 2 charger into a 14-50. I keep checking the store, but it looks like its gone for good. :(

M3D | 26/04/2019

I think people figured out that it wasn't much different from the regular wall charger if you rate limited the regular wall charger it to a 50 amp circuit. you got the Nema 14-50 plug and lost the flexibility. I put in a Nema14-50 and thought I wanted this wall charger, but having used the Gen 2 charger I don't see a need for it. What I did do was to purchase a 2nd 14-50 adapter (just the end piece) for it so If I need to bring the Gen 2 charger with me I don't unplug it from the box on the wall, I just disconnect it from the adapter. My thinking is that removing the larger plug over and over again would weaken the outlet, but disconnecting the adapter is gentler, and I have the spare in the car. I also had higher gauge wire pulled so If I want to upgrade to a wall charger I can replace the breakers and use the existing wiring. ….for when I get a 2nd Tesla :)

Lonestar10_1999 | 26/04/2019

If you have a single Tesla vehicle in your household and a single 14-50 outlet, it makes sense to get a second charger cable with 14-50 adapter, just like what came standard with the car and keep it plugged in. This setup is more versatile than using the corded mobile connector from a redundancy perspective.

jball | 26/04/2019

If you're going to buy another cord might as well just get the wall charger, right?

scottz | 19/08/2019

Does anyone know if this product was pulled off the market? Haven't seen it available since late June/early July. Thx.

MDMatt | 19/08/2019

I actually have the setup that you are talking about. I had the NEMA plug already in my garage for a camper, so I bought the Tesla Wall charger, went to Home Depot, got the needed wire and end, and wired it into my Tesla Wall charger. For me, this works great, because if I need the plug for the camper for a short period of time, I can just unplug my wall charger.

It really is not complicated to wire this up, just need a thick gauge 3 wire cable (the Tesla wall charger only uses 3 wires, it does not use all four normally used in 14-50). That was my biggest problem I think that I got 10 gauge wire and that was getting pretty hot, so I replaced with either 6 or 8, and it was fine. Probably would have been fine if I had made the cable shorter, but I wanted to leave a little flexibility.

howard | 19/08/2019

MDMatt, Suprised using the #10 did not damage anything. #6 is what I have used at all three locations. A simple search will give you the required wring specifications for receptacle type, amperage rating for a given distance (length of wire) from the service to the receptacle.

MDMatt | 19/08/2019

The #10 was only for one day, where I found it was getting a little too hot. Other than overheating the cable, there is nothing that it could have done to damage the charger or the car or anything else. As I said, that is when I changed over to the other wire and have not had any issues at all.

GrumpyinAZ | 19/08/2019

@Atoms et. al. You'e spot on when you say that you shouldn't be plugging in and unplugging a high power plug often. In addition to your solutions, if you're leaving the charging cable in place, think about adding a switch at the outlet, so that you could cut the power without taking the plug out. That's also a safety measure. You have many options for a switch, including a timer that would activate the circuit at specified times. My water heater is on just such a timer so I don't waste electricity heating my water up all night. Not expen$ive, but something most DIY'ers should avoid attempting, due to the wiring and the current in the circuit.

Techy James | 19/08/2019

I use a Wall Connector that if you watch the Tesla Shop will show up, currently last I check all Wall Connectors was out of stock. The Nice thing is when they have the "Wall Connector with NEMA 14/50 Plug" is a standard Silver Wall Connector with a nema 14/50 plug.
Now if you want a Plug that you can use that allows the 40 amps you can get with a 14/50 outlet you have the Corded Mobile Connector that unlike the Gen 2 Cable that comes with the Model 3 is limited to 32 amps. The link for that item is still available:

Joseb | 19/08/2019

No were it says this: will give you 40amps and faster charge time than this: (with a 14-50 adapter)

The "Corded Mobile Connector" is twice the price, where you can get the same thing (apparently) by just buying the 14-50 adapter for $35