Tailgaters while on autopilot

Tailgaters while on autopilot

When I'm on autopilot, say approaching a red light with many cars stopped there, autopilot tends to brake well in advance of the car in front of it, as it's expected to for safety reasons. Now, people on the road are used to predictable, gradual braking that slows down the vehicle steadily until reaching the car in front (kinda linear deceleration), but maybe it's just my imagination but with autopilot, the car brakes rather hard and then slowly approaches the vehicle in front, instead of slowing down linearly in a predictable manner. This is especially a problem with tailgaters because they're not going to be expecting that kind of braking at that longer distance, and may hit the back of the Tesla. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

EVRider | 26/04/2019

You shouldn’t be using Autosteer in that situation, but for TACC, try increasing the following distance.

abhirao1 | 26/04/2019

Yeah, I usually turn off autopilot while being tailgated. I'm usually on two lane roads with minimal traffic lights, so for the most part, it works fine, if not for its braking behavior while being tailgated.

Yodrak. | 27/04/2019

Tailgating is why I bought a 2-channel dash cam with front and rear cameras.

AERODYNE | 27/04/2019

I have noticed it too. I take over in that case.

TACC is great for sustained highway, or low speed stop and go. But, like AP, has it's limitations.

cfishkin01 | 27/04/2019

I agree. I recently bought it and was using it on the highway only. After trying it a bunch of times, I'd like to return it. I know that is not possible. I now tend not to use Autopilot, mostly due to its aggressive braking. I worry about getting rear-ended. I have it set to two car lengths, otherwise cars will cut in front of you causing aggressive braking. I only use it now if the traffic is light. I also think it accelerates to rapidly for my taste.

Yodrak. | 28/04/2019

"I have it set to two car lengths, otherwise cars will cut in front of you causing aggressive braking. ... I also think it accelerates to rapidly for my taste."

But if it accelerated more slowly, cars would cut in front of you causing aggressive braking. :-)

Actually, I agree with you - I too would prefer a bit slower acceleration.

Maximus-X | 28/04/2019

I found the BEST deterrent to tailgaters. First, I obey all traffic laws, to the comma and to the period. Then I have these three things:
1. Led scrolling text (visible from the back window) that reads, “I OBEY THE SPEED LIMIT AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT TAILGATE. VIDEO RECORDING IN PROGRESS. Thank you!” This message plays continuously. It turns on the car starts.
2. A car sticker (4.5”x14”) below the back plate that reads, “This car obeys all traffic laws including the SPEED LIMIT. DO NOT TAILGATE.”
3. A small yellow reflective sticker right below the above one that says (with smiley face), “SMILE YOU’RE ON CAMERA”

It works every time like a magic. The moment they realize that they are on camera, the back off.

dougk71 | 28/04/2019

Maybe if all NASCAR races were required to be driver less ( every car using FSD ) the driving habits of NASCAR viewers would improve and many would cease to tailgate when on public roads. A mixture of NASCAR fans driving as if on a race track and FSD cars will not go well on our highways. Lets make NASCAR show us which FSD EV's can win on the track.

Anthony J. Parisio | 29/04/2019

I seldom experience sudden breaking . However I do keep it set for four or five car lengths.

redacted | 29/04/2019

I can't believe anybody finds autopilot acceleration too harsh. It seems to me two steps below "Prius."

Also @cfishkin01, it's not car lengths and it's not time. It's a relative measure of closeness.

Yodrak. | 29/04/2019

"I seldom experience sudden breaking ."

My experience is quite the opposite - when something breaks it usually happens suddenly. :-)

Yodrak. | 29/04/2019

"I can't believe anybody finds autopilot acceleration too harsh. It seems to me two steps below "Prius." "

In my case, it's because my baseline is Leaf. And because even in reasonable traffic it results in the car driving itself the way my teenage kid drives - accelerate, brake, accelerate, brake, accelerate, brake ...

redacted | 29/04/2019

@Yodrak. I kind of see how a Leaf might be three steps below a Prius.

Since getting a Tesla, I always want to see if I can hit 50 by the time I cross the intersection. The answer is yes.

TranzNDance | 29/04/2019

I've experience too many phantom or overzealous brakings but no sudden breaking, fortunately, so far.

cfishkin01 | 29/04/2019

@redacted. Thanks for the correction on the numbers.

I'm doing 70 in the right lane on Autopilot, a car entering the highway merges in, Autopilot hits the brakes, I'm now down to 45, change lanes, Autopilot disengages (I hate that it does), I re-engage Autopilot and it accelerates from 45 to 70 much faster than I ever would on a regular drive to work.

sr.smr | 30/04/2019

When I drove an AP1 loaner, I did find that braking and accelerating on autopilot was more human like. The car started braked well in advance of traffic. Sometimes I feel that braking on my AP2 waits until the last moment, which causes undue wear on the brakes and adds to passenger anxiety. I did reduce the distance between cars to at least four car lengths, which was helpful. And occasionally I get the repetitive brake pumping sound in city driving. Hopefully all of these shortcomings will be eliminated with AP3.