Model S refresh-this is what I would like.

Model S refresh-this is what I would like.

If you could influence the MS refresh, what would you like to see(And you never know, something could be picked up)

1-Beer mode-an integrated cooler in the frunk, perhaps connected by hose, whereby you can control the temp of the cold air going into this cooler, thinking 34 degrees would be about right.

2-Passenger mood sensor(kind of like those mood rings)-whereby the car can sense the mood of my wife, and perhaps via dash color or quick warning light give me a heads up, to hopefully prevent me from saying something stupid.
A-and perhaps an upgrade option to then switch to soothing radio station.

3-Temp battery pack range augmentation-something like taking a power wall, and having a inside the trunk/hatchback area for an internal connector...this pack can also be rented from Tesla, where when going on a long trip, can provide an extra 100 miles or range. This pack can also serve as a power unit for camping.

4-Romance disco mode-full press to really get your significant other in the mood...nice disco ball screen, full integrated lighting throughout...
A-an option for steam, light and or even heavy for a full fogged window experience.
B-and to really get crazy, soap bobble machine for that more up to date club experience, but these bubbles would also be self cleaning. Where the car is actually cleaner after.

Let’s see what else we can come up with.

w624 | 27/04/2019

Great give me one. Gary

DGK | 27/04/2019

audio jack so I can plug in my Bose Noise Canceling Headphones in case any problems arises from your item #2.

p.c.mcavoy | 28/04/2019

Item 3 would be a lot more practical if instead of being something to go it the trunk it was the small pull-behind trailer type of option. Need to realize that to get your 100 miles of range you're talking about 250 lbs for just the packs, not not something very friendly for most folks to lift in and out of a trunk. Besides, if you do it as a trailer, you could add a little pop up camper enclosure option so you'd have a place to sleep with item #2 fails and you're suddenly in need of a place to sleep.

kerryglittle | 28/04/2019

How about a burp app to go with number 1? :-)

mcmack15 | 28/04/2019

Of course, if they implement these great ideas, that means as current owners, we would be entitled to a refund of a few thousand dollars because are cars didn't come with them--correct?

pgkevet | 28/04/2019

How about a lower voltage bypass when supercharging that pulls power to an in-frunk electric grill - keep some steaks in with the beer cooler. And a microwave defrost function when approaching superchargers for those ready meals in the trunk well freezer.
Oh and an in-door cubby for the driving whisky.
lastly redesign the seats to fold down totally flat for in car 'entertainment' on autonomous trips.