Full Self Driving Option Uograde

Full Self Driving Option Uograde

I bought my Model S 75D Dec 2018 and paid the $5,000 for EAP. To upgrade to FSD I am still seeing the price at $5,000. Is this the final deal? I thought Elon was talking about a lower price?

Ohmster | 28/04/2019

You missed it. It was going for $2k for a very short time.

Lots of posts on this. Here are a few:

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 8.5)*2. Grin on!

dougk71 | 28/04/2019

I'm in the same boat $5000 for EAP on a Dec 2018 S100D but wasn't informed that a $2000 sale was available. Now I shelled out the $5000 for FSD to protect against a substantial increase on May 1.
This has left a bad taste in my mouth many reputabe products provide a 90 day window to allow an existing customer not informed of a discount to still get the discount. Sure a sleazy dealership will offer discounts to lure traffic.
Tesla I think you hurt many more owners than you helped with this discount.

SO | 28/04/2019

You might get a refund.

dougk71 | 28/04/2019

I sent a message to service via my service account. They either never reply or take weeks to do so.
I contacted my Tampa service center and their response was they were sorry but I was out of luck since the sale was for a limited time and the fact I didn't hear about it isn't something they feel responsible for.
Maybe someone higher up but below Elon could help but I don't know where to start.

FuturePC | 28/04/2019

Same thing....not sure why they don’t blast email their owners. I spoke to the Dealership and they had no idea what was going on. So is Elon saying in his Tweets that he will delay the price going to $6,000 to May 10?

Yodrak. | 28/04/2019

"I spoke to the Dealership ... "

No you didn't.

As for the rest of you, as Tesla buyers you realize that Tesla is a nimble company - it can and does change policies, prices, options, business strategies, on a moments notice. Pay attention and when you see something you want on terms that are acceptable to you don't procrastinate.

lilbean | 28/04/2019

The lower orice for the uograde was only for a short time.

EVRider | 29/04/2019

@dougk71: Is it Tesla’s fault that you weren’t informed? The FSD discount was announced on the Tesla web site, tweeted by Elon, reported by the media, and widely discussed in this forum. I don’t know how you missed all that.

Bill_75D | 29/04/2019

@lilbean, be nice. It's not good to make fun of someone's tyoing skills.

dougk71 | 29/04/2019

I was in the middle of the Pacific near Easter Island when this discount was announced. Yes I expect Tesla to be more democratic and notify its customers so the majority who choose can avail themselves of promotions.
How would you feel if only customers who bought cars on a Wednesday got discounts and you bought on Monday?
Nimbleness is a poor substitute for democratic fairness. Again it has left a bad taste in my mouth akin to the Marketing bluster vacuum cleaner companies use. Tesla should be better than that.

EVRider | 29/04/2019

@dougk71: If you weren't reachable, how would Tesla have notified you? You would have needed internet access to buy FSD if you knew about the discount. I get that you're disappointed, but it's not Teslas fault that you weren't paying attention.

Yodrak. | 29/04/2019

" How would you feel if only customers who bought cars on a Wednesday got discounts and you bought on Monday? "

I had to laugh at this one, since only customers who buy their wine on Wednesday get a 15% discount in local supermarkets. On Monday, and every other day of the week, customers pay full price. If the same applied to cars, I suspect that car dealerships would make the vast majority of their sales on Wednesday.

As for the brief drop in the price of FSD for customers who had previously purchased EAP, I don't believe it was a promotion. It was a marketing mistake and, like the decision to close most Sales Centers, was quickly reversed.