Model 3 Power Liftgate (auto open/close)

Model 3 Power Liftgate (auto open/close)

Just curious, has anyone purchased the following for their model 3?:

Here is a youtube video of it on action:

Price is steep, but having powered trunk would be a great feature to have on the model 3.

ODWms | 29/04/2019

Not expensive at all. I’m surprised it’s as inexpensive as it is.

Mikael13 | 29/04/2019

I’d buy it.. that’s one of my “wishes” that Tesla would have offered as an option. It would be great to hear from those who purchased and installed it. I can DIY but when it comes to electrical, I’m hands off.

M3phan | 29/04/2019

Yeah I’m not a strong DIY person, would love to see someone do a video of the install

SteveWin1 | 29/04/2019

That looks pretty slick. Seems like it would be a lot of work to install though. There's a sensor under the car to detect your foot and a new button inside the trunk to close it? I wonder where it hooks up to the cars power? Probably way more work to install than to just open and close your own trunk. :) Too bad Tesla didn't just include this as an option.

stopnair | 29/04/2019

ODWms is the seller ...

scherer326 | 29/04/2019

you think Tesla will offer this feature as in add-on (purchase option) later on. I really wish the model 3 had an auto open for the trunk. I dont mind taking my model 3 back to the service center for this enhancement if it ever gets offered.

ODWms | 29/04/2019

@stopnair - I wish I were that smart. As it is, I have done the frunk and trunk strut/spring mods that only open. The cost was minimal though (less than $40 total), so it appealed to my cheaper side. I’m satisfied with it for now.

Magic 8 Ball | 29/04/2019

At first blush it looks like an awesome mod at an awesome price.
Wonder if instructions are in English?

Magic 8 Ball | 29/04/2019

Question for OP.

Where is the power tapped from?

daikoncat | 29/04/2019

I don't know @M8B, I am curious as well.

@scherer326 That is what I am hoping for too.

skygraff | 29/04/2019

Thought it said soft close but still impressive. Would love an auto close (soft) frunk mod.

Magic 8 Ball | 29/04/2019

I do not see anything about the unit having a fuse.

Caveat Emptor

jordanrichard | 29/04/2019

I would strongly suggest people not tamper or have someone tamper with their car until it is out of warranty. Should any electrical issue pop up, Tesla can and rightly so, wash their hands of it.

jjgunn | 29/04/2019

I'm good with manual.

I will say I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into the 3 pressed the brake & expect the driver's door to close.

Daryl | 29/04/2019

This looks pretty cool and not extravagantly proceed. I would worry about support with future Model 3 firmware updates.

Daryl | 29/04/2019

Priced, not proceed.

baback | 29/04/2019

I asked for a how to and they sent me a pre-final copy to look through. They are supposed to send me another copy that is more detailed I would assume.... Unfortunately not sure how to enclose it here on the forum since it does not allow me to attach PDF files in my posting. It is a pretty involved process but not that hard if you are ok with taking things apart and putting it back together.

daikoncat | 29/04/2019

Good point @jordanrichard. I'd gladly pay more for an official solution that is properly integrated and under warranty.

Hopefully Tesla offers something like this for Model 3 owners in the future.

RES IPSA | 29/04/2019

Is it difficult to open the trunk manually? I understand this for a physically disabled person, but for the average driver, I do not see the need for it. Probably why Tesla did not deliver the car with it

ST70 | 29/04/2019

@RES IPSA- yeah...agree...another thing to eventually break or brake for those that don't know the difference....

daikoncat | 29/04/2019

My friends Model S has this feature from factory (dont remember if it was an option or standard); it does prove useful under certain situations.

Is it worth having? That is a matter of opinion.

ST70 | 29/04/2019's very useful for those without hands or arms...

daikoncat | 29/04/2019

@baback Looks like the seller posted the install instructions on their website:

@ST70 lol yeah, that would be the perfect scenario

lilbean | 30/04/2019

Calibred Customs will install it for you 310-654-0532

baback | 30/04/2019

@lilbean. Are you affiliated with CC ? At what price point and guarantee for installation ?

twincam23 | 01/05/2019

looks like they have an installation video as well.

ODWms | 01/05/2019

Looks about as involved as the modification I did on my Mercedes SLK to give remote functionality to the car’s retractable top system as well as other functions.

The difference between the simple trunk strut swap I and others did and what they’re offering here is that you can close it remotely also. I admit it’s a big benefit. If I hadn’t already done mine, I’d probably be tempted.

aperfectecho | 01/05/2019

I did the strut swap on front/rear trunks. I like it, once you get used to it, and they're around 100$ total for the set. Took about 15 mins to install total, and not hard to do.
Granted, you don't get the slick auto-close, but this is about 450$ cheaper

lbowroom | 01/05/2019

Jordan. Modifying your car does not give the manufacturer the right to wash their hands of you. So tired of that nonsense argument. Look up Magnuson-Moss warranty act.

Furthermore, think through the logic on that. Trouble with car after warranty, you are truly out of luck with 0% chance of fix. Trouble with car in warranty, at least some chance of warranty repair.

lbowroom | 01/05/2019

The problem i see is that auto close in app is not supported in 9.0

Mde0509 | 01/05/2019

The Tesla app can close it, but in the car the touchscreen leaves a greyed out "opened" button. Previous version you can still press it.

I'm going to ask Tesla for a close button on the ui; every bit helps if they get alot of the same request.

Quinten | 01/05/2019

It seem like a nice feature to have but like someone stated here this can be an issue and can void the warranty or have any insurance claim issues. I do like the manual open one where they changed the stuct unit and put a strong lift unit with a few spring to help push the trunk up.

As for a DIY it seem a lot you have to do to remove and tap into the power source in the funk area. I guess get it without the foot sensor unit? It is only $50 more thou but seem a lot more work.

ODWms | 01/05/2019

These kind of mods aren’t for the faint of heart, or those with very limited mechanical skills. A person who is adept at dealing with cars’ electrical and mechanical systems can perform this project pretty easily.

syclone | 01/05/2019

The electrical is the easy part. There are clips and connectors for every hook-up. Popping off all the body parts and then remembering how to put it all back together is the hard part. It's not a project for the faint of heart.

bnguyen2013 | 28/06/2019


Calibred Customs will do an amazing job at installing the auto lift gate for you. Johnny is super professional and will take good care of you! Went above and beyond for me! You can contact him at 310-654-0532. Tell him Brian sent ya :)

vishious911 | 28/06/2019

If I were given a choice, I would have personally loved an OEM version of this than homelink lol.

jaygrabbe | 14/07/2019

I have, love it. You def have to be comfortable running wires and taking panels off though.

crossface2008 | 25/07/2019

Anyone know a reputable company on the East Coast (preferably near DC) that would install this? Was going to try and do this myself but it seems fairly rigorous, and would much rather let someone with more expertise in automotive electrical run this. I would gladly pay them for it.

lilbean | 25/07/2019

Calibred travels to The east coast. 310-654-0532

CaliforniaMaki808 | 25/07/2019

Won't this void the warranty?

lbowroom | 25/07/2019

what part of the warranty are you afraid it voids?

RollTideTesla | 25/07/2019

CaliforniaMaki808: In theory, if you had some kind of electrical issue that you wanted fixed under warranty, and they could reasonably claim that this mod caused the issue, they could deny a warranty claim. Personally I think that scenario would be highly unlikely, but you never know. It certainly wouldn't void the overall warranty in general.
I wouldn't hesitate to do it if I had the skills, which sadly I don't.

xgman | 31/07/2019

I wish tesla offered more options like this at a price, but they seem to be going for the streamlined no frills approach. I think there are many little modern extras (which many are standard on many models) would be greatly appreciated and many customers would be happy to pay extra for.

terminator9 | 31/07/2019

As far as warranty is concerned, just changing two studs to auto-open is one thing vs. taking apart 10 panels, adding 2 circuits, splicing into existing wiring is another thing. One can easily claim that any electrical issue is being caused the mod. Whether Tesla will do that or not remains to be seen. I want this too but seems like more things that I am willing to take apart at this point (by me or someone else doing it for me).

TickTock | 31/07/2019

@jaygrabbe - Now that you have it installed, are you still able to close or open manually? Will it damage the servo if someone forces it closed not realizing it is auto actuated?

zhangyeus | 29/08/2019

The posted east coast installer is not available. Is there any other option to have someone install this kit in east coast?

tri_t_to | 30/08/2019

I had the lift kit installed by the owner of Teslaoffer (Raymond Wu) while he was on a business trip in CA. It took him about 2.5 hrs to install the lift kit plus kick sensor. Overall I am very happy with the kit, it definitely makes the Model 3 feel more like a luxury sedan. You can change the speed of the motors and how high you want to trunk to open. He installed a button in the trunk as well as one under the dash on the driver side to I can close the trunk from inside the car. If you don't want to use the buttons, you can close the trunk by hand. When the electric motors sense you trying to close it, it will start closing.

TickTock | 30/08/2019

"you can close the trunk by hand. When the electric motors sense you trying to close it, it will start closing"
Thanks @tri_t_to! Looks like I'll be installing one soon.

demetri.lignos | 26/09/2019

i am interested to have a power lift gate (auto open/close) for my Model-3. Can anyone tell me a reliable source where I can purchase the kit from?

alankchan | 26/09/2019

@tri_t_to How did you arrange all of that? Is he coming back to CA again anytime soon? How did you get the button under the dash? I don't see that as an option on their sale page. Only the foot sensor. I'd like that option too.