Wanna Feel Better about Tesla's future?

Wanna Feel Better about Tesla's future?

Do the link and then play the video of Sandy Munro talking about Tesla and its technology. Go to about 10:30 in where he starts talking about Tesla: what they have right, what they've done wrong. Basically it comes down to this: Tesla's motors are so superior to anything else out there no one will catch them for years. The company's culture stresses innovation where Detroit, Germany and Japan are suffering from hardening of the arteries. Tesla still needs to learn how to do sheet metal better. The company's vertical integration is a strength that other car companies — i.e. GM, BMW, Audi, Toyota — abandoned years ago when they decided to outsource design, parts, etc. I thought I'd watch a couple of minutes, became fascinated and stayed till the end and wanted more. At one point, Munro laughs at himself for his early criticism of the M3's build quality saying until he actually took the car apart to see what was inside only then did he understand. His engineers were so impressed that they're running out buying Teslas now. It's really worth a look if you're a Tesla investor, an EV enthusiast or you simply want to figure out what Tesla is doing that scares the rest of the auto industry to death.

jimglas | 30/04/2019


Tesla-David | 30/04/2019

Thanks again @dmm1240 for your links to worthwhile commentary. I watched earlier Munro tear down analysis of M3 and battery, and his positive take on the M3 battery. My personal observations from our 14 month M3 ownership, has convinced me that this is one very special car with so much innovation.

sbeggs | 31/05/2019

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Tesla-David | 02/06/2019

I watched this utube link entitled "Is Tesla Doomed?" by Teslanomics Ben Sullins which definitely made me feel better with all the FUD articles now. Ben provides a concise overview looking back on Tesla innovation over the years. Very refreshing.

andy.connor.e | 03/06/2019

Theres no more innovation. Thats what they are afraid of. All cars on the road look alike. All sedans have the same relative exterior and interior looks and features. No company is unique anymore. Tesla stands out and they dont like it, because in order to be competitive with Tesla they have to be innovative again. Thats never gonna happen.

Tesla-David | 04/06/2019

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Targetaddict | 04/06/2019

Thanks for sharing!