Vehicle Hold icon - S/X need to learn from the 3

Vehicle Hold icon - S/X need to learn from the 3

Model S/X needs to learn a better way from the Model 3. I really enjoy "vehicle hold." When my 2014 P85 finally got the feature in an update, it was one of the reasons that I finally turned off "creep." 

With creep on, you have to push a little harder on the brake pedal to get Hold to engage. With creep off, it engages almost every time that I stop - only occasionally requiring a little extra pressure on the brake pedal to engage.

Since it's not 100%, I still need to glance at the screen to confirm the "Hold" icon. The icon is not that easy to see. I've proposed before that it should be at least "blue" in color - a little easer to see; plus the normal color used to show a feature is active.

But The Model 3 engineers have a much better solution.

In the 3, when you stop, it displays the "0" initially, but when Hold engages, it replaces the 0 with a the Hold icon - can't be missed. 

Similar to - the 0 is initially replaced with the gear selection: P, R, N, D - or the Hold icon - until you start to move.

When you're stopped and have engaged Hold, the 0 has 0 value.

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Also, the turn signal indicators are stupidly small. Look at a 90's Mercedes for a suggestion (back when the engineers ran MB). Bright clear arrow about the size of a nickel. There is plenty of room for the symbol to grow.