Free ludicrous upgrade Ayone?

Free ludicrous upgrade Ayone?

So I fell for the "latest" demand lever and ordered a S P100D with free Ludicrous. Couple of questions for others that did as well.

1: I ordered the day it was announced and just yesterday 4/30/19 got a call from my local Tesla Sales Office and was told that I had to cancel my 1st order and start over for them to be able to handle the free Ludicrous option \i/ Anyone else experience this?

2: Does anyone that did order one, do you have a VIN assigned yet?

2+: Do you have an estimated delivery date. All I can find is the May date listed on the order page when actually placing new orders. Nothing on my order specifically.

PPower | 01/05/2019

The second time, did you order with or without the Ludicrous packages?

Boonedocks | 01/05/2019

*WITH as instructed by the Sales Staff. Made no sense to me at all and they would only say “it’s the only way since with the original order Ludicrous $20k fee couldn’t be backed out”

PPower | 01/05/2019

Ok, I was told just the opposite - order it without the Ludicrous package and the invoice will be correct, and he would add it afterwards for free. Weird. Will have to check with him tomorrow.

RKtect | 01/05/2019

I ordered yesterday with Ludicrous and with the $20K fee. I just called Tesla at 1.888.518.3752 and they stated that they will adjust the fee for me. I will wait and check my invoice in my Tesla account to see if it gets updated.

EVRider | 01/05/2019

Just make sure they don't fulfill your order with an inventory car that doesn't have the drivetrain changes.

RKtect | 01/05/2019

Is there a fast and easy way to tell if it is an inventory car before it gets too late into the process?

aljjr2 | 01/05/2019

The Tesla Design Center had put the "free" Ludicrous upgrade off menu. There was noway to do so on the site for "free" The $20K should be credited out, since I'm a prior "new-purchased" owner. I think owner status (new purchased, not used or CPO) has to be verified to qualify. Also used a friends