How often do you get your Model S serviced?

jordanrichard | 03/05/2019

Is this a question about repairs or routine service?

If you are asking about routine service, based on the recently revised guidelines, there is practically none to be done.

Rotate tires every 10K miles
Every Two years have the brake fluid tested for contamination (replaced if need), replace cabin air filter, service AC.

That's it, unless you live in a cold weather state that uses road salt/chemicals, then they recommend having the brakes inspected/cleaned/lube on an annual basis.

I am in CT, gone through 5 winters and have never had by brakes cleaned/lubed and I have also never had an issue. Of course that may be because I drive a lot so corrosion doesn't have a chance to form and cause issues.

Silver2K | 03/05/2019

Replaced coolant once in 180k miles and was told it didn't need it.

stevenmaifert | 03/05/2019

Annually for routine service. Besides performing the inspections and preventative maintenance, they also perform work called for by any Service Bulletins that have come out during the preceding year, like replacing the bolts in the steering wheel rack.

Bighorn | 03/05/2019

They've largely stopped accepting routine service appointments with their new service model. They're refunding pre-paid service plan premiums.

kawdennis | 03/05/2019

Gosh I was about to make my 87,500 mile service on my 2013 P85

Bighorn | 03/05/2019

I went 88k miles between my second and third service. I guess I was psychic about the need to get checked every 12k miles.

Silver2K | 04/05/2019


horrigan | 04/05/2019

Received a airbag recall notice on my 2016 about three months ago. How long will it generally take to get invited in to a service center for replacement? Annoyed because we all knew in 2016 that the Tanaka airbags were defective and Tesla kept installing them.

murphyS90D | 04/05/2019

Call and set up an appointment. A mobile technician drove 20 miles to my house and did the airbag and steering bolt recalls in my garage. Took a total of 1:05 to do both recalls.

kawdennis | 04/05/2019

Silver2k I emailed you my dashcam Video of a semi truck going about 80mph and almost rear ended me When I saw him less than a ft. From my rear end I punched it and my instant torque saved my life, I’ve tried and tried to post it on form with no luck anyway you could put it on for me? Dennis

rmarrone | 05/05/2019

Is it possible to get Release Notes other than on the car’s screen after an update? For example, via email attachment or through my account on | 05/05/2019

@rmarrone - Would be nice, but I'm not aware of any way to get them in text short of retyping it in yourself.

p.c.mcavoy | 07/05/2019

Bighorn | May 3, 2019

They've largely stopped accepting routine service appointments with their new service model. They're refunding pre-paid service plan premiums.

@Bighorn - Curious your source for that information, especially the part about they're refunding pre-paid service plan premiums. I actually spoke with my service center, in person, about this about two weeks ago. Clearly not the vibe that I got for them. They did not make any offer to buy out my plan, nor were willing to offer any information on the buy-out amount.

They were willing to show me what the costs would be if I were to have them do the equivalent service of what they would do now for the year four service under the plan. That actually looked to be about a wash, depending upon what they will refund me, although they are not going to perform anywhere near the amount of service as what I felt I paid for based upon the maintenance requirements at the time I purchased my maintenance agreement.

I'd feel a little better if they would at least agree to honor the agreement and perform the final service based upon time, not miles (I'll likely mile-out before I time-out), but have not offered that to me yet, although I may need to press them on this a bit more.

Bighorn | 07/05/2019

Based on what others have reported here. It apparently is shop specific, probably based on backlog. None of it is particularly pertinent to me since I’ve always approached service for repair needs and did not spring for s scheduled plan.